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tered human lives” in 27:13) which was evidenced by her callous treatment of God’s

designated instrument of human blessing, the nation of Israel. Sidon, likewise, appeared

to be a “prickling brier” (28:24) and so was judged. The positive reason for this judgment

is that they, and other nations, might know that Israel’s God was Adonai Yahweh


Pronouncement of judgment against the nations also served as a foreshadow-

ing of the time when all Gentile nations will honor Israel as it dwells in safety, security,

and blessing in its promised land (28:25–26). Once again, this notice of the Lord’s ulti-

mate design for His people is inserted to bolster hope in the face of judgment.

Egypt will be judged for basically the same reason as Tyre, it had lifted itself

up in pride (29:1—32:32).10 Pharaoh had taken credit for the great river the Nile (29:3)

and all the Egyptians had utterly disdained Israel instead of helping her (29:6). Egypt will

experience plundering by Nebuchadnezzar, just like Israel (29:17–21), and her political

alliances will fail (30:1–19). Ezekiel sings Egypt’s funeral dirge since it was going to die

as a nation (32:1–32). As Assyria had passed from the scene in judgment, so would Egypt

(31:1–18). As a postlude to the proclamation of judgment upon the surrounding nations

Ezekiel is reminded that his ministry as a watchman necessitated vigilance in calling indi-

viduals to repentance (33:1–20).11 The nation as a whole was going into captivity and

nothing could now avert that. However, each individual was responsible before the Lord

to work righteousness. Israel was not to take solace in God’s judgment of the nations in

10 For the relationship of these prophecies, oracles and lamentations to the historical events taking place during the times mentioned in the date notations see Alexander, Ezekiel, 89-100.


Since the date notation occurs at 33:21 this section belongs with the preceding judgment


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