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ment of their rightful possession, would be an inner spiritual renewal, the granting of a

new heart and spirit by God’s Holy Spirit (36:25–27). This is the same new covenant that

Jeremiah had prophesied (Jer 31:31–34). This would be nothing short of a resurrection

miracle, whereby Israel would come out of the grave of its captivity to a new life of

service and blessing in the land. This is the point of the vision of the valley full of bones

(37:1–14). Whereas Israel had become divided and disunited through sin, the new

covenant would bring them together as a united kingdom once again under the reign of

one King, Yahweh’s servant David, the Messiah (37:1–28). The fact that Israel dwells in

safety does not mean that there is a complete absence of those hostile to the chosen

people. However, since she is dwelling in righteousness as a result of the new covenant,

her safety is guaranteed by Yahweh, who will personally deal a crushing blow to this

international threat (38:1—39:20). This is a reversal of the Babylonian captivity, during

which hostile foreign nations had actually been empowered by God to defeat Israel.

There will be no more defeat for the nation ever; she will glorify Yahweh among the

nations without fail and without end (39:21–29).13 In this way Israel’s future glory as

Yahweh’s people is guaranteed.

C. Israel will worship in a temple indwelt by the glory of Yahweh (40:1—


Israel being restored to the land is only half of the reversal that is being

communicated by Ezekiel. The other half is Yahweh dwelling once again in His house,

the temple. Hence, the conclusion of the visions has to do with a glorious new temple,

13 For a discussion of the identity of Gog and the time of his defeat see Alexander, Ibid., 118- 29. He takes this prophecy as having a double fulfillment, once during the beginning of the millennial kingdom and again at the end.

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