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indwelt once again by the glory of the Lord. The cause of Israel’s return to the land must

be clearly seen by the nations. The construction of this magnificent temple and the god-

honoring service of a holy nation is the means of that demonstration.

Ezekiel sees a vast temple complex, unlike anything known before, including

Solomon’s magnificent structure, which measures 500 rods by 500 rods, or about one

mile square (40:1—42:20)! Such a structure can only have one purpose: to display the

glorious magnificence of the One responsible for it.

In a reversal of the departure of the glory of God, Ezekiel sees the Shekinah

return through the (reconstructed and expanded) gate through which it had exited (43:1–

9). Once again, its permanence is guaranteed since Israel will never again defile Yah-

weh’s holy name (43:7). If there is a temple, there must be worship. This is the next part

of the vision (43:10—46:24). Ezekiel delineates the objects and implements of sacrifice

(43:13–27), the laws governing the priests (44:10–31), the prescribed feasts (45:18–25),

and the manner of worship (46:1–24). In this way Israel will finally keep its appointed

service as a holy nation and a kingdom of priests in a way that truly glorifies the Lord.

This has never happened and is not presently being fulfilled by the church, the Body of

Christ. Israel must have a future in order to complete her covenant mandate and world


Lastly, the land is described in two aspects (47:1—48:35). The first focuses on

the river that flows from the temple containing waters of healing and life (47:1–12). This

will be the universal effect of Yahweh’s rule upon the earth during the Millennium. The

second thing mentioned about the land is its division between the tribes of Israel (47:13—

48:29). Its boundaries are basically the same as those given to the patriarchs, thus confir-

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