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Ezekiel proclaims hope and encouragement for Judah in the future.

  • A.

    Jerusalem’s captivity is announced, thus shifting Ezekiel’s focus.

  • B.

    Israel will be restored to the land through a covenant of peace.

    • 1.

      The reason for Israel’s removal from the land is reviewed.

    • 2.

      The provision for Israel’s restoration to the land is revealed.

      • a.

        Israel’s false shepherds will be judged and the flock removed from their care.

      • b.

        Yahweh will deliver Israel through a covenant of peace and rule over them as the True Shepherd.

    • 3.

      The process of Israel’s restoration to the land is set forth.

      • a.

        The Promised Land will be delivered from Israel’s enemies and filled with Yahweh’s people.

      • b.

        The people of promise will be spiritually renewed for acceptable obedience unto full blessing in the land.

      • c.

        The people will be reunited as one kingdom under one King, Messiah-David.

      • d.

        Yahweh will put down a final attempt of foreigners to possess the land.

  • C.

    Israel will worship in a temple indwelt by the glory of Yahweh.

    • 1.

      The area of the temple is described.

      • a.

        A commission to declare the temple is given to Ezekiel.

      • b.

        The gateways of the temple are measured.

      • c.

        The tables of sacrifice are measured.

      • d.

        The chambers for singers and priests are viewed.

      • e.

        The inner court and vestibule are measured.

      • f.

        The sanctuary and bordering chambers are measured.

      • g.

        The whole temple and its sanctuary are described and measured.

      • h.

        The chambers for the priests to partake of the sacrifices are described.

      • i.

        The outer perimeter of the temple is measured.

    • 2.

      The return of the glory of Yahweh is depicted.

      • a.

        The glory of Yahweh entered and filled the temple.

      • b.

        Assurance of Yahweh’s permanent residence is given.

    • 3.

      The service of the temple is delineated.

      • a.

        Ezekiel is told to describe the temple to Israel for their encouragement and motivation.

      • b.

        The altar is measured and instructions for its consecration are given.

      • c.

        The closure of the east gate is explained.

      • d.

        Regulations for admittance to the temple are given.

      • e.

        Laws governing the priests are given.

        • 1)

          The offending Levites will perform general service.

        • 2)

          The faithful Zadokites will be granted special


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