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PREZ SEZS – March 2005

Hard to believe another month has gone by and I’m writing this note. Our last meet at the Mullins estate was a lot of fun and all went well. Micky, with Sheila’s help, slaved over the hot pots and cre- ated their own version of chili. It turned out very well based on the fact that by the end of the day there was only a small bowl left.

We didn’t have too many cars in attendance but we did manage to have over 25 people. Mike parked some of his fleet in his yard for all to admire. Mike not only has the GT Hawk but also a mixed collec- tion of some American Motors products.

We had a good turnout of the people from the low country. Wallace was their providing the corn bread and his expertise on different colors and combinations for the various Studebaker years. Richard Loskill and his son attended. Chuck Neuhaus showed up and it was good to see him attend a meet. Our vice president, David Wirth, drove his 51 Champion to the meet. CC MacBeth had is custom 41 Champion. So all in all we had a good turn out. Still waiting for David Stone to drive a Studebaker to a meet, rumor is he has an Avanti.

As usual Mike Mullins and I had an adventure the previous day. We were on a mission to rescue a Corvair from a friend’s house that was rumored to be going to the crusher. We headed down to pick it up and after some discussions it appeared the Corvair is tied up in a divorce settlement and under possible threat of legal action we decided to leave. I offered Mike to the officers in trade for the Cor- vair, but that didn’t work out. So if you can’t haul a Corvair home, Mike and I stopped and picked up another Rambler. Always something to find. Don’t tell Micky there’s another car in the back yard.

President John Dusky 1510 John Dodd Road, Spartanburg29303 (864) 949-1206 gthawk289@yahoo.com

Vice-President David Wirtht 261 Danby Rd Columbia SC 29212 (803) 781-4124 dnwirth@aol.com

Treasure/Membership Jackie & Bruce Simpson 1138 Little Acres Rd Clinton SC 29325 (864) 833-0677

Secretary/Newsletter Editor Dot Sheldon 147 Beaver Dam Rd Batesburg, SC 29006 864-445-3977 studebaker1958@simplepc.net

Chaplin/Sunshine Chairperson Bob Smith Jr. 4232 Jollystreet Rd Prosperity SC 29127 803-951-3696 rpscheer@aol.com

Webmaster John Dusky

SDC National Officers

President Colin Fort conestogacolin@cox.net Vice-President Linda Sinclair houseofsinclair@aol.com Secretary Jan Lockmon lockmon@cox.net Treasurer Brain Millette milletteb@comcast.net SE Zone Coordinator Gordon Sheldon studebaker1958@simplepc.net Regional Manager Robert Beebe rlbhbb@bellsouth.net

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nutS & boltS "We don't slam Starbucks," he says. "They're our strongest supporter."

Pressed for an explanation, Panipinto says it works two ways: The coffee giant not only hipped the masses to espresso drinks, producing future customers, but it occasionally disappoints Euro-style espresso purists with its sometimes sacrilegious variations on the classic espresso drinks, java jar- gon and sweet, froufrou novelty drinks.

"You have to work with them," Wold says of the customers brought into the coffee fold by Star- bucks. "They're used to sweeter drinks - Starbucks' version of classic espresso drinks."

Neil van den Berg, a regular, says stopping by the old truck is a matter of taste and convenience.

"I don't care for the rocket fuel," van den Berg says of the traditional straight shot of espresso loaded down with sugar. He drinks Americanos, two or three espresso shots stretched out with hot water to make a big cup with the added flavor of steam-blasted fine-grind beans, but without the shock of a straight shot.

Panipinto says Wold is a traditional barista who takes her duties very seriously. She can, and will, "pull" a world-class straight shot of espresso, topped by a beautiful "crema" - the tasty, fragrant light-tan coffee bean oil froth - that will jump-start your day.

But she's not above fighting back with other drinks. Her hot chocolate, made with French cocoa, probably will have some customers playing cold in July.

Panipinto, who leaves the barista work to Wold, keeps the ancient rig running and answers ques- tions about the truck, when he's around.

He says retired men, in particular, are drawn to the truck. A few Studebaker aficionados have been outraged by the Studebaker-coffee-maker mutation. But more are amused or intrigued.

And some stay for the coffee.

"I love it when old-timers come in and order Americanos," Panipinto says. Some tell him they "picked it up in World War II," when legend has it that the espresso shots and hot water drink was concocted for GIs disappointed by the lack of drip coffee in Italy.

"One guy came over," Panipinto says, and told him "it was the best coffee he had since he mus- tered out."

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    Contact reporter Dan Sorenson at 520-434-4073 or dsorenson@azstarnet.com.

CLOSING THE TRUNK by: Studebakerbabe

Thanks to Mike & Mickey for a great meet-

ing and tasteful lunch. This is my final request if your dues are not paid this will be the last newsletter you receive, Dues are to be sent to Jackie Simpson. Sorry folks but membership is from Jan.1 to Dec.31. I will have the new roster in the next newsletter. Hope to see you all at the March weekend trip & tour.

Note: Permission is granted to reprint any article appearing herein, provided appropriate credit is given to the author and to the nutS & boltS Newsletter.

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