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Appendix 13 (POV Storage) to Annex B (Deployment) to USAG-Baumholder SOP for Deployment Support Operations


1. Purpose. To provide Commanders information on procedures for storing privately Owned vehicles (POVs) during long deployments or short notice deployments.

2. Mission:  (See Basic Plan)

3. Execution:

a. Soldiers and Department of the Army Civilians (DAC) deploying can properly store their POVs at USAREUR designated storage site or a secure site with ODCSLOG approval that meets physical security standards, and IAW UR 525-1, and 525-13.

b. POV owners are to properly store their POVs in Mannheim, Spinelli Barracks DSN: 384-6316/6392, and Miesau, DSN: 486-3608.  These storage sites are warehouses that meet all the security requirements and, are established specifically for deployed soldiers.

c. Transportation to a storage facility is the POV owner’s responsibility. Units can use organic transportation or coordinate with the Garrison Installation Transportation Officer (ITO) for non-tactical vehicle support.

d. POV owners will receive counseling at the storage facility.  POVs must be operational.

e. At the site, POV owners will fill out DD Form 788 shipping document and complete a joint inventory with the storage site personnel.  The storage site will retain one set of keys and the blue copy of AE form 190-A (POV registration).

f. When time does not allow for POV owners to deliver POVs to the storage site they can appoint someone they trust with a Power of Attorney (POA) to deliver their POVs.  Ensure to coordinate with the storage site when a POA is used.

g. POV owners can leave their POVs with a USAREUR licensed family member.  They must add the family member name to the vehicle registration card or grant a POA.    Proper insurance must be maintained and keep the POV registration current.

h. POV owners will remove personal and detachable items (cassettes, CDs, radio antennas) from the POV before storage.

i. The maximum allowable claim for theft or damage to a POV is $20,000.

j. The maximum allowable claim for electronic accessories, automobile radios, tape, CD players, telephones, auto alarms is $750.00. Also, there is a $2000 limit on a paint job. This amount is included in the $20,000 maximum.

k. USAG-Baumholder will provide logistics support for storage of POVs only after USAREUR storage sites are full and unable to store. All POVs must be stored at a designated storage area/facility/lot: the USAG-Baumholder designated storage area/facility/lot is located in the DOL Class III Yard, Air Field


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