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Appendix 13 (POV Storage) to Annex B (Deployment) to USAG-Baumholder SOP for - page 3 / 5





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Appendix 13 (POV Storage) to Annex B (Deployment) to USAG-Baumholder SOP for Deployment Support Operations


b. USAG-Baumholder responsibility when managing a POV storage area:

1) Identify temporary storage sites, and ensure that security requirements, storage procedures, and guidelines are developed for immediate implementation, IAW Garrison DOL, DPTMS and DES.

2) Designate a directorate to help process and manage a POV storage area.

3) Responsible for conducting a joint inspection of the POV with the owner and parking the POV in designated areas.

4) Assist the owner preparing DD Form 788.

5) Maintain all documentation and place in envelopes.

6) Ensure envelopes are sealed and stored in a lock container with controlled access.

7) Ensure security requirements are met IAW with physical security standards.      

c. U.S. Army Garrison, Baumholder ITO responsibilities:

1) Provide DD Form 788, shipping document.

2) Provide briefing to soldiers and DA civilians on storage of POVs.

3) Provide NTV support when required.

4) ITO will request all POV registration suspension on vehicles placed in storage within USAG-Baumholder storage sites.

d. Unit responsibilities:

1) Deployed Unit: Thirty to thirty-five (30-35) days prior to redeployment of deployed unit, the Commander notifies the Garrison Installation Transportation Officer and provides guidance on procedures that will aid in the redeployment of the unit and retrieval of Privately Owned Vehicles that are stored at authorized storage facilities.

2) Counsels Soldiers on procedures to retrieve POV from storage site.

3)  Directs Soldiers to notify insurance company and obtain (Double White Cards).

4) Directs Soldiers to renew expired drivers licenses.


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