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(Include this section when deviations are identified or adjustments/revisions are necessary.  Provide an explanation.)

2.  Bidder 2, 3, 4 etc.

Repeat the analysis found in B. a. and b. above for each bidder.  The presence of material deviations will affect the cost envelope opening and it is vital to the outcome of the evaluation that this analysis be fully developed and thoughtfully analyzed.

The following is an example of functional scoring.  This table shows the requirement and its overall score as well as the breakdown of scored requirements within that overall functional requirement.  The intent here is to show that bidders were evaluated on a competitive basis (side-by-side) for scoring purposes.  In this case, the solicitation stated that this was the methodology that would be used and that bidders equally responsive, would receive the same score.
Functional Requirements

Item G.1  Workplan/Installation  Maximum 250 Points

G.1.1  Each bidder must submit a workplan and an installation schedule that provides for full implementation of all offices and automated/ non automated travel crews in no more than 90 calendar days from acceptance of the system in the pilot region.

Bid Requirement

Bidder 2

Bidder 3

Bidder 4

G.1.1a  (150 points)

The bidder’s experience in issuing DL and/or ID cards.  Weight will be given to the bidder’s experience in centralized card issuance and the number and size of DL/ID card systems currently in production.

California - central issue (Vol. I, pg. 11), 8 other central issue jurisdictions with an annual volume from 133,000(Wyoming)  to 5,901,000 (CA), Vol. I, pg. 18-21  Maryland and Virginia - over the counter, 10 other on laundry list, Vol. I, pg. 18 - 21, annual volume from 53,000 (Vermont) to 3,640,000 (Florida)

Presently supply 59% of the licenses for US, and 63% for the US and Canada.  Presently supply 60% of the states with digital driver licenses, Vol. I, pg 5.

Texas - Central issuance (4-5 million annually).  Provide database and retrieval, hardware software, large scale system integration and card production.

Colorado - Over the counter (1.2 million annually)  Central issuance 30,000 for rural areas.

Texas DOC ID cards - Over the counter ID card issuance (100,000 annually)

Mexico Voter ID Card - Estimated volume is 1 - 1.5 million annually.  Beginning of project, issued 46 million cards within a 19 month period (29 million per year).

Nebraska - Instant over the counter (450,000 annually)

Additionally, provide service for DL/ID cards for 22 other jurisdictions.  (Customer Reference call. Vol. I. Section 4 Appendix Pg. 1-4)

Centralized Issuance in the following: Province of Ontario Canada - 1.6 million annually; Mass.- 1.5 million annually; Minnesota - 1.3 million annually; CitiBank (photo ID credit card) - 4.2 million annually estimated

Over the counter issuance in the following:  Ohio - 3.0 million annually; South Carolina - 900,000 annually; North Dakota - 175,000 annually; New Brunswick - 175,000 annually

Unisys also supports an additional 9 ID card producing entities.

(Vol. I, VI-64A, 64B)

45 points

Points awarded45

Points awarded40

Points awarded25


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