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  • Preparation for Assessment

    • Prior to the assessment, teacher should prepare and test the digital recording equipment that will be used to record the students’ performances.

  • Implementing the Assessment

      • 1.

        Teacher will assess each student individually, and record the entire prompt and student performance.

      • 2.

        Teacher will perform a 4-beat rhythmic prompt on a neutral syllable, chosen from the examples listed below. (Note: The expression in the teacher’s performance will affect the quality of the student’s performance.)

      • 3.

        Student will respond with a 4-beat rhythmic answer. (Students are allowed one opportunity to begin again at teacher discretion.)

      • 4.

        Teacher immediately creates another 4-beat prompt sensitive to the student’s answer (this prompt is not provided).

      • 5.

        Student will respond to this new prompt with another 4-beat rhythmic answer.

      • 6.

        Teacher will score student’s performance using the scoring criteria listed below.

If Collecting Student Work for District-Wide Assessment

  • 1.

    Score each of the students’ performances using the attached Teacher Assessment Form.

  • 2.

    Remove all student names or other personal identifying information from all student work, rubrics, and other material submitted. (Keep a copy of your class list including students’ names and unique Student Code Number for your own reference, just in case.)

  • 3.

    Record each student’s singing performance digitally, assign it a 5-digit file name consisting of “2I” followed by the student’s unique 3-digit Student Code Number (for example: “2I203”), and submit it either as an e-mail attachment or on a separate data CD labeled with the student’s unique 5-digit Student Code Number. (Suggest submitting digital file in .mp3 format, whether attached to an e- mail or submitted on CD.)

  • 4.

    Transfer all scores from the rubrics to the Rhythmic Improvisation Performance Data Recording Form. (If a student’s parent(s) or legal guardian has returned a Permission Form indicating that s/he wants that child excluded from the project, do not include that work or the student’s scores.)

  • 5.

    Forward the data CD, the completed Data Recording Form, and copies of all Student Performance Self-Assessment Forms to the person designated by the district.

  • Resources Required

Digital recording device with microphone CD player with speakers Student Performance Teacher Assessment Forms (one for each student)

CT SDE Common Arts Assessment Initiative


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