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Public Speaking Take Home Test

Check syllabus for the due date

    This test asks you to find 6 examples in speeches. You will find 6 examples of colorful language in “real life” speeches.  These examples need to come from speeches made by professionals.  These can be political, social, or religious but they must come from speeches (not book clips, movie clips, or literature samples).  They cannot come from websites that list examples nor can they come from news articles or commentaries that talk about the speeches, but they must come from the speeches themselves.  

You can only use each speech once. This means that you must use 6 different speeches.

    You must work independently on this test and may not share your answers with others, nor may you ask others for help. (You may ask me to clarify items if needed).

There are 6 items that you are asked to locate. Tests that are turned in late will be docked a letter grade for being turned in late on the day they are due and will loose an additional letter grade for every day thereafter.

Answers must be typed.  

You need to print off the internet page where you found the information. (Only need to print the page it occurs on and not the entire speech).

Examples need to come from full text speeches and not websites that give only brief examples of speeches

Can only use each speech once

Use the internet to locate speeches that are ceremonial in nature. This means eulogies, tributes to people, speeches to memorialize an event or an occasion. These speeches must be in a “professional context.”  To clarify, these may not be college student speeches. Print off a copy of the speeches where you located these items. Follow the examples provided for how to write out your answers.

May Not Use

I Have a Dream Speech, Mountaintop-Martin Luther King

Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death- Patrick Henry

Ask not what your Country Can Do For You—John F. Kennedy

Same examples as given in class in the lecture on fallacies

Speeches from the class website

Any website that does not include the full text of the speech

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