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Windmill Transporter from WSI in 1: 50 scale

Mega Mega

The practice of erecting the wind turbine towers has been dubbed in the trade jargon as:”cutting asparagus”. There is one connec- tion however between the steel giants and the vegetable that holds true for both. The pro- duct has to be handled with great care to get it to the market or construction site.

by Robert Tresor

he moving of wind turbine parts is a fairly new challen- ge for the heavy hauling industry. There are only a handful of com- panies that have the know-how to build and/or adapt equipment that allows the flexible and cost effici- ent transportation of wind turbine parts. Surely one of the greatest pioneers is the Royal Nooteboom firm, situated in the Dutch town of Wijchen. Nooteboom recognized the need for specialized equipment early on and proceeded to develop a broad palette of highly specia- lized machines to transport the bla- des, tower parts, power plants and hubs of all sizes and weights. The equipment is designed to negotiate public roads and also to function well on construction sites. T

Nooteboom’s pride and joy in the line-up is the aptly named “Mega Windmill Transporter”. It is a com- bined transporter for tower parts and generators. It consists of a com- bination of front and rear units that are close coupled together when running without a load. When loa- ded they are designed to carry the cargo without any additional sup- ports. The front dolly is a three axle unit and there are also two and four axle versions, all having a lift adapter. The rear unit is a self-stee- ring, seven axle type NLD70 dolly. Some heavy duty haulers also use a modular axle system, depending on availability or preference. The rear unit also has a lift adapter which is hydraulically driven to allow the independent loading and unloading of the cargo without the assistance of a crane.

A model for detail lovers

As a partner for Nooteboom, the Dutch firm of WSI Models has issued a model in a variety of paint schemes depicting the Mega Windmill Transporter in the scale of 1:50. After the versions for Ter Linden (NL) and Give Svaergods (DK) they presented the fourth and fifth versions. They are for the firms of Norager and Torben Rafn, both located in Denmark.

The Norager model combination consists of a MAN TGA 41.540 tractor unit. On the hauling unit sits a large foundation tower piece that has the detail of an entry door mo- deled. Also included is a tarpaulin complete with the Vestas Logo and realistic looking folds. On the Tor- ben Rafn version, the load is a Ves- tas V90 Power plant module, from



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