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Conversion of a Liebherr R944C in 1:50 scale

More bite for the buck

Early in 2008, Uni- versal Hobbies intro- duced the finely de- tailed model of the Liebherr R944C craw- ler excavator. As per usual practice with Universal Hobbies, the model contains a lot of plastic parts.

by Urs Peyer

nfortunately, the five tine grab fitted to the model is a bit on the small side and because of the lack of weight; the grab does not stay completely horizontal in every position. According to the information provided by Liebherr, the smallest five tine grab for the R944C has a maximum opening width of 2278 millimetres(46 mm in 1:50) and a height in open po- sition of 1915 mm(38mm in 1:50) whereas the grab supplied with the model is only 35 mm wide but is 50 mm high.To resolve these prob- lems, the grab can be replaced with the heavier four tine scrap hand- ling grab from a Caterpillar 345B MH by Norscot. U


Using the smallest crosshead screw driver in the tool box, remo- ve the screw situated between the spherical joint and the rotary drive. Below the deflector for the grab is another screw that needs to be re- moved which makes it possible to take the whole Liebherr grab apart. The piston rod can be pulled out upwards with a little effort.

To complete the conversion, re- tain the spherical joint, rotary drive and the intermediate piece which are needed. All other pieces can go to the scrap box. The Caterpil- lar grab can be removed from the stalk by drilling out the riveted bolt between the spherical joint and the simulated rotary drive using a mi- niature bit equivalent to the diame- ter of the rivet. After reaching the depth of about a 1mm, the rim of the rivet can be removed and the bolt can now be driven out with a bolt removing tool. Such tools with the diameter of 1, 1.5 and 2 mm are available in hardware stores. The remaining 4 bolts and 8 rivets can be dealt with the same method. The next step is to cut off the anchoring plate of the spherical joint. Experi- enced modellers can mill this off, or alternately a fine hacksaw can be used for the task. Care needs to be taken here as the intermediate part of the yellow grab is very uneven and is hard to clamp.


The opening left in the grey inter- mediate piece is now filled in with a piece of round 4mm diameter ABS plastic profile. Drill a 1.2mm hole in the middle of the white part to a minimum depth of 8mm. In or- der to screw together the Liebherr and Caterpillar parts, a thread of 1.2mm has to be cut there which should be no problem for experi- enced modellers. As an alternative way of achieving the same result, drill a hole of 3mm and a depth of 1mm instead and obtain an M 1.2 brass nut. This nut can now be press fitted in to the hole. For the next step we glue the grey inter- mediate piece to the yellow inter- mediate piece. The Liebherr rotary drive is screwed together with the Caterpillar grappler using a 1.2 x 8 mm brass screw. Brass screws with a diameter starting at 1mm are available at www.holzapfel- dampf.ch or from 0.6mm onwards at www.knupfershop.de

Final assembly

After spray painting all parts in Liebherr grey, the new four tine grab can now be re-assembled. Instead of the old rivets and bolts, use 1.6 mm round aluminum profi- le to re-attach the sub assembly.



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