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ded completely and, with the latti- ce top attached, reaches a height of 150cm. The model scores high not only on its mobility but also in de- tails. Freestanding handrails, lad- ders, mirrors, headlights and lines to the cable drums are all present.

Man 1:50

With this model MAN has closed a gap that has existed for a long time. It is exclusively available by Man for now. The HAK 15.200 4x4 with removable construction skip is made to typical Conrad quality standard. It has all the functionali- ty of the prototype and is ready for the model construction site. The decade correct color scheme is a clever choice. Hopefully, the con- struction skips will be available as a separate item soon.

Senn AG 1:50

A set with two DAF-tractor units has been issued exclusively for Senn AG by WSI. Besides the le- gendary DAF FTT2805 built in 1977, the set contains the DAF XF 105.510 6 x 4 Space Cab. The mo- dels are, as usual with WSI, of a high quality and are very detailed right down to the number plates.


This is a small, limited production run and must be ordered directly from www.sennag.ch/shop.html.

Universal Hobbies 1:50 From the import firm Holland

Oto comes the model of the Ko- matsu D61 Ex bulldozer in a chro- med finish, now available in shops, it shines in more ways than one.

Mercedes Benz 1:50

How a truck can and should look as a model is demonstrated by the new release of the Actros 1860 LS in their “Trust Edition”. NZG pro- duced this model exclusively for Mercedes Benz and it shows off the three-coloured wheel hubs, pin striping, multi-coloured cab interi- or, chromed detail parts and crisp lettering.

Conrad 1:50

For the lumber industry machine collector there are now many of- ferings. To round off the palette is a log hauler, the MAN TGS three axle tractor trailer unit. It is equip- ped with cab, crane and self gui- ding Doll trailer. The paint scheme is that of the Schmallenbach firm

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and is very attractive. The model is fully functional as per prototype. The only thing detracting from the superb model is that the logs con- tained in the load have been glued together. This makes it impossible to simulate the loading process.

Conrad 1:50

There are now four different track sets available: Double link with a width of 11 mm, 13 mm single link and triple links in the widths of 13 mm and 18 mm. Each set has 100 links with length of 5 mm. They are packaged as follows: 2 x 30 links, 2 x 10 links, 2 x 5 links, 2 x 3 links and 4 single links and some bolts. These sets are optimal for model constructers.

Norscot 1:50

The 854K is used in mines to maintain the roadways and despite the fact that the unit is identical to the 992G wheeled loader, Norscot has taken pains to re-work the unit. The hand rails are made from plas- tic and the steps are extremely fine. The same can be said about the ra- diator.


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