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Review of Child Labour Laws of Barbados

1.3 Structure

The study commences with a description of the requirements of the ILO Conventions on Child Labour and an outline of the socio-economic context within which the problem of child labour is addressed. It then proceeds with the actual review of the laws of Belize that seek to comply with the various obligations of the Conventions.

In terms of organization, the core obligations of ILO Convention No. 138 are discussed before those relating to ILO Convention No. 182. For convenience, the issue of hazardous work, common to both Conventions, is discussed within the context of ILO Convention No. 138. Other issues that are common to both Conventions such as enforcement, investigation and inspection, prevention, and institutional arrangements are discussed after the substantive issues are addressed.

The study is organized into the following broad sections:

  • (i)

    the Convention Framework;

  • (ii)

    the Socio-economic Background;

  • (iii)

    Review of the Legal, Policy and Institutional Framework

    • (a)


    • (b)

      minimum age;

    • (c)

      hazardous work;

    • (d)

      unconditional worst forms;

    • (e)


    • (f)

      investigation and inspection;

    • (g)


    • (h)

      institutional arrangements;

  • (iv)

    Conclusions and recommendations.

1.4 Issues

Some central issues considered were:

  • (i)

    Should the development of a comprehensive policy framework for the elimination of child labour be a pre-condition for law reform and if so, what should be the major elements of such a policy?

  • (ii)

    Should law reform, if required, be limited to amendments of existing laws or a consolidation of the laws, or should it embrace a new comprehensive law dealing specifically with child labour?

  • (iii)

    Could law reform be effective without the mainstreaming of child labour issues within all relevant institutions and without a reorientation of the society’s cultural norms and institutional strengthening?

  • (iv)

    What institutional arrangements are required to support the monitoring and enforcement of child labour laws?


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