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Review of Child Labour Laws of Barbados

Minister authorizes the employment of a young person at night that young person shall be granted a period for rest of at least thirteen consecutive hours between two periods of work.

Medical Examination The Factories Act also provides for the medical examination of young persons. It states in Section 70 that subject to Section 72, no young person shall be admitted to employment in a factory for a period exceeding 2 weeks unless after a medical examination he has been found fit for the work he is employed to do.

Power of Inspectors By Section 74, where an inspector is of opinion that the employment of a young person in a factory or in a particular process or kind of work in a factory is injurious to his/her health or the health of other persons, he shall immediately report the matter to the Chief Labour Officer who may by notice in writing served the occupier of the factory require that the employment of the young person in that factory or process or kind of work be discontinued within a specified time.

Liability The laws also impose obligation on occupiers of every factory. They are required to complete and submit to the Chief Labour Officer a return of persons employed. This return includes:

  • (a)

    the number of persons employed in the factory;

  • (b)

    the hours of employment of young persons employed;

  • (c)

    the ages, sex and occupation of all the persons employed;

  • (d)

    the products and product lines manufactured in the factory; and

  • (e)

    such other matters that the Minister requires.

Ministerial Power By Section 104, the Minister may make special regulations requiring special arrangements to be made for the medical supervision of young workers where he is satisfied that they are employed or are about to be employed in work likely to cause injury to their health.

By Section 106, the Minister may make regulations prohibiting the employment, or modifying or limiting the hours of employment, of all persons or of any class of persons connected with any manufacture, machinery, plant, process or description of labour. He may also make regulations prescribing the manner in which and the place where examinations for the purpose of certifying fitness of young persons for employment shall be conducted as well as respecting the facilities to be afforded by occupiers of factories for the purpose of examinations of young persons.

The legislation does not specifically stipulate that the Minister must consult social partners in making regulations. However, the principle of consultation with social partners is engrained in the industrial relations landscape of Barbados and is guaranteed to be applied even in the absence of a legislative requirement.


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