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Review of Child Labour Laws of Barbados

determined over two decades ago, the Government of Barbados may wish to review the fines to bring them in line with the deterrent principle mentioned in the ILO Conventions.

With respect to the unconditional worst forms of child labour, there are severe penalties relating to:

  • -

    Procuration and procuring by defilement of person is an offence, which is punishable

with imprisonment for 15 years (Sexual Offences Act, Section 13 and 14).

  • -

    A person who detains another person in any brothel or in or upon any premises with

intent that the person detained may have sexual intercourse with any other person is guilty of an offence and is liable to imprisonment for 15 years (Section 15).

  • -

    Penalty for abduction of persons, under Section 16 is imprisonment for 10 years.

  • -

    Anyone who keeps, manages or assists in the management of a brothel, or being the

owner, occupier, lessor or landlord permits any part of the premises to be used as a brothel is guilty of an offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term of 5 years or to a fine of $5000 (2,525.25 USD) or to both (Section 18)

According to Section 33 of the Offences Against the Person Act, buying or disposing of person as a slave is an offence punishable with imprisonment for life. Under Section 34, unlawful compulsory labour is punishable with imprisonment for a term of six months.

According to Section 9 of the Protection of Children Act, a person who is convicted of an offence related to pornography or pornographic performances by children is liable to imprisonment for a term of five years, or on summary conviction to a term of two years.

Under the Drug Abuse (Prevention and Control) Act, the offence related to importation, exportation, production, supply and possession of controlled drugs is punishable with a fine of $250,000 (126,262 USD) or imprisonment to 5 years or both. Drug trafficking under Section 18 of the Act shall be punishable with a fine of $250,000 or where there is evidence of the street value of the controlled drug three times the street value of the controlled drug whichever is greater and to 7 years imprisonment. Employing, hiring or using children or young person in drug trade (Section 22) and supplying a controlled drug to a child or young person (Section 23) is an offence punishable on summary conviction to a fine of $250,000 and imprisonment for 7 years and on indictment to imprisonment for life.


Investigation and inspection

Investigation In order to properly enforce child labour laws and create effective programmes aimed at the elimination of child labour, instances of child labour and the circumstances surrounding such labour first have to be identified. The Conventions provide for the identification of occurrences of child labour by:

  • a legal requirement for a systemic review of the national child labour situation, including the collection of detailed information and statistical data on the nature and extent of child labour, including information on:


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