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Review of Child Labour Laws of Barbados

Clause 3(2) provides that the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring, or receipt of any child, or the giving of payments or benefits to obtain the consent of a person having control of a child for the purpose of exploitation shall constitute trafficking in persons. The purpose of the trafficking is not limited to sexual exploitation. It includes keeping a person in slavery or subjecting the person to practices similar to slavery; compelling a person to provide forced labour or services; keeping a person in servitude and engaging in any form of sexual exploitation such as pimping, pandering, procuring, profiting from prostitution, maintaining a brothel and child pornography. A child for the purposes of this bill is someone under the age of 18 years.

The Bill in Clause 9 provides that consent or past sexual behaviour of the victim is not a defence and is irrelevant to the prosecution. The offence of trafficking in persons is an extraditable one. In addition, assistance is provided in the Bill to allow non-national victims to remain in Guyana for the duration of the prosecution.

Special provision is made for the evidence of victims who are children. Clause 25 provides that special programmes should be developed to accommodate child witnesses including:

  • (i)

    testimony of minor conducted outside court setting by video;

  • (ii)

    all testimony and court proceedings take place with parent, legal guardian or foster parent present;

  • (iii)

    whenever safe and possible, children should be reunited with family members either in country of origin or destination;

  • (iv)

    special mental and physical medical care tailored to the child’s needs;

  • (v)

    child victims of trafficking should be guaranteed education.

Debt bondage, serfdom, forced and compulsory labour


Protection under both the Constitution and Employment Law Act against debt bondage, serfdom, forced and compulsory labour. (All countries)

Recruitment of children in armed conflict

  • (i)

    Protection under the Defence Act against compulsory recruitment.

  • (ii)

    Prohibition under the Defence Act of recruitment under the age of eighteen years.


Use, procuring or offering a child for illicit activities


Protection for children under Dangerous Drug Act:


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