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Review of Child Labour Laws of Barbados

    • (d)

      forced or compulsory child labour;

    • (e)

      the forced recruitment of children for armed conflict;

    • (f)

      the use of children for prostitution;

    • (g)

      the use of children for child pornography;

    • (h)

      the use of children in illegal activities, especially drug production and trafficking?

  • (viii)

    Does the law provide for penalties and other measures for violations of child labour provisions? Does the law ensure that sanctions are provided for all persons responsible for under-age employment (e.g. employers, parents, guardians etc.)?

  • (ix)

    Are the sanctions considered to be sufficiently deterrent? If not, what reforms are considered? Are sanctions diversified between criminal, civil and administrative? Are sanctions diversified as a function of the seriousness of the offence, e.g. heavier sanctions for employment of children in hazardous than in on-hazardous work, heavier penalties for repeat offenders?

  • (x)

    Does the law facilitate the access of children to legal remedies, e.g. by ensuring that children can join trade unions as soon as they are admitted to work?

  • (xi)

    Does the law provide satisfactory conditions for the employment of young persons such as, fair remuneration and its protection; limitation of hours at work; prohibition of overtime; minimum rest periods; minimum annual holidays; satisfactory standards of health and safety; appropriate instruction and supervision; social security schemes; periodic medical examinations?

  • (xii)

    Does the law subject children themselves to penalties for engaging in under-age work?

  • (xiii)

    Does the legislation provide for a system of review of the national child labour situation, including the collection of detailed information and statistical data on the nature and extent of child labour?

  • (xiv)

    Does the legislation establish a framework for the operation of labour inspection in child labour?


What are the powers of the labour inspector or any other official to secure the enforcement of legal provisions relating to the employment of children and young person?


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