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Review of Child Labour Laws of Barbados

  • (xvi)

    Does the legislation ensure that the mandate of the labour inspection services extends to all workplaces where child labour actually exists? If not, what restrictions apply?

  • (xvii)

    Are labour inspectors required by law to supply information on child labour to any other agency involved in child protection?

  • (xviii)

    Does the legislation provide for labour administration services to work in close cooperation with the services responsible for education, training, welfare and guidance of children and young persons?

  • (xix)

    Does the legislation impose a duty upon labour inspection services or other national institutions to investigate reports of alleged violations? Does the law establish any special complaints procedures? Does the law provide for the protection from discrimination and reprisals of those who expose violations of child labour?

  • (xx)

    Does the law provide for an effective system of birth registration?

  • (xxi)

    Does the law require employers to keep and make available documents

indicating the names and ages of all workers under 18 years of age?

  • (xxii)

    What is the burden of proof with respect to the actual age of a child in the case of violations of child labour laws? Are there penal sanctions or other sanctions to enforce the laws on the worst forms of child labour?

  • (xxiii)

    Does the law provide for free legal aid to be given to victims of child abuse? Does the law protect the privacy of victims of child labour?

  • (xxiv)

    Is there legislation, which institute social and economic measures to alleviate poverty, such as minimum wages?

  • (xxv)

    Does the law provide for social security and family welfare measures aimed at ensuring child maintenance, including payments to unemployed parents with children, low cost community health and education?

  • (xxvi)

    Is there legislation, which provides for equal pay for work of equal value for young persons and adults?

  • (xxvii)

    Is there legislation, which provides an obligation on employers to protect children from hazardous work?

(xxviii)Does he law ensure that basic education is free for all and in particular for those who have been removed from situations of child labour?


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