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Review of Child Labour Laws of Barbados

  • (xxix)

    Does the law provide for the determination and periodic revision of the types of hazardous child labour?

  • (xxx)

    What laws prohibit the sale and trafficking of children; debt bondage and serfdom; forced and compulsory labour, including forced or compulsory recruitment of children for use in armed conflict; or other forms or practices similar to slavery or forced or compulsory labour?

  • (xxxi)

    What laws prohibit child prostitution and pornography?

  • (xxxii)

    What laws prohibit the use fo children for other illicit purposes such as the production and trafficking of drugs; the trafficking of other goods; gambling operations; begging; stealing; other organized criminal activities



Are there programmes of action to identify and denounce the worst forms of child labour? Has the State designed and started to implement programmes of action to eliminate the worst forms of child labour? Is it tackled on all fronts (economic, educational, social and cultural)? Have the social partners been consulted? Have the views of other stakeholders been taken into account? What NGOs are involved?


What measures is the State taking to eliminate the worst forms of child labour? Are priorities identified? Are the vulnerable groups identified? Are the measures effective? Is the problem of child labour confronted in a holistic manner?


Has the State identified the places and activities where the worst forms of child labour are likely to occur? Were the social partners consulted? Is this list of types of hazardous work likely to be revised periodically?


Are effective and time-bound measures being taken to: i. prevent the engagement of children in the worst forms of child labour; ii. provide direct assistance to remove children from the worst forms of child labour; iii. provide direct assistance for the rehabilitation and social integration of the children concerned;



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