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Review of Child Labour Laws of Barbados

  • (vi)

    Is there a balance between advisory, enforcement and supervisory functions?

  • (vii)

    Are detailed information and statistical data on the nature and extent of child labour being compiled and kept up to date to serve as a basis for determining priorities for national action? Are the data disaggregated by sex, age group, occupation, branch of economic activity, status in employment, school attendance and geographical location. Is there an effective system of birth registration?

  • (viii)

    Is the information at (v) communicated to the ILO on a regular basis?

  • (ix)

    Has the country submitted any declaration to the ILO on the minimum working age?

  • (x)

    What educational/advocacy programmes are implemented for child labour?

  • (xi)

    What alliance has been established to tackle child labour? Who are involved? What training is provided to these organizations to deal with child abuse?

  • (xii)

    What policies are being promoted by employers’ and trade unions’ organizations to address child labour? What programmes of action are there to sensitize parents to the problems of child labour?

  • (xiii)

    What enforcement devices are available? Are there penal or other sanctions to enforce child labour laws? What are the penalties? Are the sanctions being applied?

  • (xiv)

    Are employers required to keep a register of employees under the age of 18 for inspection by labour inspectors? How do labour inspectors monitor children working in the streets, in outside stalls, in public places, in itinerant occupations or in other circumstances, which make the checking of employers’ records impracticable?

  • (xv)

    Has there been any landmark court decision on child labour?


Is the State cooperating with other countries to give effect to the provisions of the Convention?

(xvii) Has the State provided its status report on child labour to the ILO?


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