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Testimony of Sarah Moore-Hines before the FDA Advisory Panel on Mercury Dental Fillings

Good afternoon. I'm a psychotherapist in Pennsylvania and nationally certified counselor. I have worked for over 25 years with a wide variety of adults, children, couples, and families. I've served on two mental health boards advocating for professional standards of licensure, for professional counselors and managing family therapists.

Ten years ago my life was good. Both personally and professionally, I was happy. I worked full time in a private practice and was in excellent health. I was frequently engaged in long walks, bike rides, and dance classes. My family life was positive, and the future looked promising.

Who would have suspected that a few well intended visits to the dentist would have resulted in ten years of unexpected devastating damage to my health?

In the summer of 1996, a local dentist repaired three to four silver mercury amalgam fillings, and I felt good that I had caught up on some long needed dental work. Within one to two months, my energy began to deteriorate for no apparent reason. Additionally, I began to experience frequent viral-like symptoms mimicking early stages of the flu.

A top notch Harvard M.D. did an extensive battery of blood tests that indicated a good bill of health. I have since learned that blood tests do not effectively test mercury levels.

He stated that he had no idea what was happening to me. Over the next four years my energy worsened in exhaustive chronic fatigue, and after eight hours of sleep even I had great difficulty getting out of bed in the morning and getting through my work day.

Eventually I could no longer walk around the block. I often felt like I had a low grade fever and a systemic infection. Increasingly I came down with frequent colds and illnesses and began to cancel personal engagements, as well as professional appointments, including my own counseling clients, with little advance notice.


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