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Testimony of Sarah Moore-Hines before the FDA Advisory Panel on Mercury Dental - page 2 / 4





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When I did get the flu, I was so sick I wondered if I would survive. I noticed that I didn't have my usual emotional resistance and then started experiencing bouts of mild and occasionally moderate depression. I sometimes became very anxious or frustrated. Both feelings felt hard to contain, quite unlike my usual calm and understanding personality style.

It became difficult to control worrying and clearly something was having a powerful and increasing effect on my body and nervous system. Eventually it became a challenge to focus and concentrate. I became the most worried and my memory began to decline, and I was no longer able to easily do checkbook calculations.

For an extended period of time my sexual libido declined and my hair fell out. Other problems emerged, including thyroid and adrenal damage, tachycardia, chest pains, chronic urinary tract infections, et cetera.

In 2000, a holistic M.D. who was trained in heavy metal testing performed a DMPS urine challenge test that indicated that I had an extremely high level of mercury in my body. Because my immune system had been so damaged from the mercury, it took almost a year for a holistic dentist to safely remove each amalgam one by one separately.

I also discovered that the mercury from two to three amalgam fillings had migrated into my jaw bone, requiring specialized cavitation surgery. I had trusted that amalgams were safe.

By 2001, all of the amalgams had been replaced with white composite fillings and over the next five years, I engaged in a comprehensive and challenging medical protocol of mercury detoxification, consulting with several M.D.s who were knowledgeable in this area. In order to function and effectively heal, I needed to take intermittent injections as well as numerous daily supplements for the purpose of mercury detox, nutritional and endocrine support.

Healing has occurred, but slowly with disappointing setbacks and financial burden. The real cost was the cost to my health. Two additional DMPS tests in '04 and '05 indicated the good news of a gradual decrease of the mercury level in my body. I have fought hard to restore my health, and in the last year my health has significantly improved. Most of the mercury toxicity


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