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Testimony of Sarah Moore-Hines before the FDA Advisory Panel on Mercury Dental - page 3 / 4





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symptoms have finally disappeared or gradually decreased in intensity.

My energy is better. I can work consistently again and recently I have been able to walk considerable distances and occasionally bike. This has been a joy.

I continue daily healing efforts in the hope that some day I will feel completely normal and whole again, including not needing thyroid medication or multiple supplements to get through my day.

The truth is that these years of devastation to my health were not necessary and should not have happened. So I ask: how can other people be protected from the internal assault of this powerfully toxic heavy metal amalgam that can damage the bodies and lives of any of us.

I'd like to suggest that there is no effective way of predicting who will get sick or who may be, quote, hypersensitive, unquote. It's a gamble.

I believe that the issue of mercury amalgam is a significant consumer protection and public safety issue. As a heartfelt request, I ask this FDA public hearing board and the rest of the panelists to please listen to and heed the truths of this amalgam matter; to take appropriate steps to protect consumers from being exposed to amalgam; to take steps regarding informed consent; to educate consumers, including requiring dentists to inform their patients about the potential health dangers so that patients have the opportunity to make informed choices for themselves and their families.

Change the phrase "silver fillings" that hides the fact that the primary component of amalgam is mercury. It would be more appropriate and in the interest of consumers to call them mercury fillings.

Classify amalgam so that consumers understand that it contains approximately 50 percent toxic mercury.

Set up an independent committee to review relevant and objective research on amalgam.

Abolish amalgam mercury fillings in the United States as soon as possible.


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