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Benefits of Floor Heating - Electric floor heating is fast becoming a popular choice in Australia for both builders and renovators as it offers many advantages over traditional heating systems. Depending on your budget and project, we have a system to suit all requirements.


In slab heating is usually the cheapest

option and consists of a heavy-duty

cable which is fixed to the reinforcing

mesh just before the slab is poured. This

system is perfect as a main heating

system for new homes as you can have

almost any floor covering including tiles,


carpet, wood - you can even just polish

The in-screed system is ideal for

the floor for the modern look. This system

installation in bathrooms (within the final

is often connected to an off peak meter

screed before tiling). It is extremely cost

to take advantage of the cheaper

effective and offers the ultimate luxury at

electricity tariffs. It can also be zoned for

a very affordable price. The system can

each room/area to suit your lifestyle, so

also be installed over larger areas in any

you can heat different areas at different

room where a minimum of 20mm

times and to different temperatures.

screed is being applied.

Typical in-screed installation


Our undertile systems consists of a very

thin 3mm cable which is installed on top

of the existing timber or concrete

subfloor. The advantage of this system

being that the cables are then simply

tiled over making it both perfect for

renovations and new homes.



Due to the way that underfloor heating

As testimony to the quality of the system

works, heating from the floor upwards,

we offer a ten-year guarantee on the

the same comfort conditions can be

heating cables.

achieved at a slightly lower overall room

temperature. This, combined with the

Electrically Heated Towel Rails

energy saving thermostat, which delivers

just enough power to maintain your

Please contact us for a separate brochure on available sizes, finishes etc.

desired temperature, can result in

significant energy savings when

Fully controllable

compared to other forms of heating.

Electric underfloor heating is fully

controllable by means of the

Typical running costs in the average

sophisticated but simple to use

bathroom would be no more than a few

electronic thermostat with a built in 7

cents per day. Even as a primary

day 24 hr timer. The thermostat has two

heating system in a typical 40-50 sqm

temperature settings, one for the main

kitchen / family / dining area (City metro

occupied periods and one for

areas) the average running costs should

unoccupied periods, allowing you to

be under $200 a year. (Calculation

choose both the comfort temperature

based on a 4 month heating season at

and the minimum temperature of the

an average of 6 hours a day in an

room at night or when not in use.

insulated property). Running costs may

vary in some colder country areas –

please contact us if you require further


Contact us today or send in your plans for an obligation free quote. Floor heating is not as expensive as you might think!


Our heating systems are of the highest

quality, the cables we use are of the

latest European design, with international

In slab heavy-duty heating cable

and Australian approvals, incorporating

a twin heating core and a full earth

screen for total protection.

Undertile system-perfect for renovations and new homes

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