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Professor M. Leonor Monreal

Fullerton College, Department of Anthropology

Website: staffwww.fullcoll.edu/mmonreal, email:mmonreal@fullcoll.edu

Office Hours: by appointment only. Office: 1423-02(C.O.B.)

Voice Mail (714) 992-7496

Anthropology 102 F SYLLABUS

Summer 2010

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the field of Cultural Anthropology. It is intended to give the student an overview of the various aspects of culture and how it makes up people’s core identity and ethnic differences. This course explores the various theoretical aspects of the anthropological study of cultures, while providing specific examples of various cultures in the world through the use of texts, films and lectures. Note: Due to the vast number of cultural groups we cannot cover all cultures during the course, but if you have any particular culture you would like to learn about please let me know so I can make an effort to incorporate it to the course schedule.  

Course Objectives: upon completion of this course:

The student will acquire a deeper understanding of various cultural groups around the world and their complex characteristics.

The student will be able to analyze cross-culturally and holistically the various unique aspects of culture, including his/her own.

Through the use of various films and research, the student will be able to ethnographically come in closer contact with all the various cultural aspects discussed in class, and will be able to put in practice some of the anthropological theories in the study of a cultural group.

The student will increase cultural competence to apply to his/her daily life and social network

Course Requirements

Required Text: Monreal’s customized version of Cultural Anthropology, 3rd

edition, by Nanda, Hogan & Monreal. 2009 Cengage Learning, ISBN-13:978-1-4240-7465-5.


Note: This customized textbook includes three texts which will be used throughout the course. You can also purchase each of the books separately (price may be higher). The titles of the books are as follows:


Culture Counts, A Concise Introduction to Cultural Anthropology by Nanda/Warms


The Fours Skills of Cultural Diversity Competence, Mikel Hogan


The Maya, Yesterday and Today, M. Leonor Monreal (Optional)


3 (882-E) Scantron sheets & 5 Quizzstrips

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