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Possible attendance fee for a fieldtrip ($15 approx. e/a)

Class assignments


Readings and Participation-Weekly reading assignments are listed under the schedule section of this syllabus. The student is required to read the assigned chapters, this will aid in understanding the concepts and terms addressed, as well as to attain a passing score in the exams/quizzes. Additional articles may be assigned through the semester. The student must bring a journal with the answers to the Bringing It Back Home section at the end of each chapter to discuss in class. They are due prior to covering the class and will be a significant portion of the participation points (50 pts.).


Exams & Quizzes will cover material from lectures, class discussions, films, and assigned readings. The exams will have objective questions (such as multiple-choice, matching, true and false). There will be five quizzes (dropping the lowest score), and three exams (see schedule for dates and grading breakdown for points).


Make-up Policy: no make-up exams will be permitted under any circumstances. Please do not ask for special consideration. If you are unable to complete an exam or assignment by the respective due dates, deductions will be applied to your overall course grade. Extra credit may be allowed to make-up any points missed due to an emergency, a request in writing must be submitted as soon as the student returns to class.


Term Paper- Options to Choose from:

The will be a term paper for the semester which is worth 100 pts. (20% of your grade). There are five different assignment options to select from. You will be required to do only one. Each assignment will be due on the Thursday the week it was assigned, outlined on the class schedule. No late assignment will be accepted; if you miss the deadline do the next option. Please be aware of the deadlines and follow the requirements outlined for each of the assignments as your grade will depend on how thoroughly you complete each assignment (each paragraph should have at least 5 complete sentences). Grammar is evaluated as part of your grade, proof-read your assignment and include page numbers, must be double spaced. You must staple your paper and make sure I have checked off that you turned it in. Visit my website for samples of excellent papers done by previous students, avoid plagiarism, only use then as reference.



Culture- Using the material from chapters 1, 2 & 3 from Nanda’s textbook and chapters 1 &2 of Hogan’s Four Skills text. Answer each of the following assignments in detail:

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