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License to Wed. (minimum one paragraph, not a summary of the film but an analysis as it pertains to our class).


Gender (worth 40 pts.)

- Define gender is and explain what alternative genders are, provide specific examples from the textbook.

- Describe how culture shapes and predisposes gender roles.

- Read and answer the Female Genital Operations and International Human Rights “You Decide” questions (p.191)

-Complete the gender activity (at end of PowerPoint).


Stratification: Classism & Racism- after reading the concepts from Hogan’s text (chapters 1-5) and Nanda’s chapters 10 & 11 complete the following:


Nanda- give an overview of social stratification, do you think it is a human universal to have social inequalities? Why or why not? Discuss the reasons and effects of social inequalities, racism, & prejudice (1-2 pages) by including information from at least one of these films: Skidrow, Crash,  & American History X. Answer the Bringing it Back Home: Government, Responsibility vs. The Gospel of Wealth and Class, Ethnicity, Race, and Educational Achievement “You Decide” questions (pp. 235-236, and 260-261). Explain the complexity of immigration and ethnicity in the U.S. from the text & one of these films: The Visitor, Under the Same Moon, El Norte, Born in East L.A., The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, In Good Hands, Voces Inocentes (1-2 paragraphs)


Hogan- Read and answer the questions from worksheet 12.

Grading Breakdown for Option 4:

1) Define Social Stratification and discuss if this is a human universal (something we'll always have), why or why not? 15pts.

2) Reasons and effects of social and human inequalities, racism, and prejudice.15pts.

3) Film analysis (from the list) 10pts.

4) B.I.B.H. for each chapter (2) Gov. vs. Gospel of Wealth & Class, Ethnicity, Race & Education.20 pts. (10 ea.)

5) Immigration int he U.S. & Ethnicity (Use Nanda's book, Hogan's book, and the Race film we watched).15 pts.

6) Film on immigration (from the list) 10 pts.

7) Hogan's Worksheet 12.15 pts.


Globalization- Case Study Analysis- The Maya Yesterday & Today and Globalization

a) Case Study- The Maya, Yesterday and Today

-Answer 3 questions per chapter (six chapters total) of your choice by writing the question and answer. You should have a total of 18 questions (2pts. each plus 2 points for overall presentation) total worth 40 pts.

b) Globalization Essay (worth 60 pts.)

-Define Globalization 15pts.

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