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the material discussed in class. Students who are late will loose participation points for the day. Excessive tardiness will severely impact your grade and may result in being dropped from the class. Three tardies will constitute one absence, and over 20% may result in being dropped from the course. It is your responsibility to drop through admission and records. If you are absent be sure to get notes from other students in class in order to find out what you missed (DO NOT ask me). Please see me if you have any situations which may result in excessive tardiness or absences. If an emergency of situation occurs causing a delay (parking, alarm clocks, children, pets, life, etc.), please be respectful to others and quietly find a seat in the back of the classroom. YOU MUST NOTIFY ME at the end of class to avoid being marked absent for the day. Attendance is recorded daily.  

Late Assignments & Make up exams

All assignments must be turned in on time, late assignments are not accepted. All assignments must be turned into me IN PERSON, there will be no assignments accepted via email or dropped off at the mail box. Make-up exams may be granted on documented emergency situations only. You must contact me within 24hrs. but all make up exams will be done the day of the final. Quizzes cannot be made up as we drop a quiz score.

Classroom Behavior

In any anthropology course, the key elements to effective learning are based on the freedom to express ideas without feeling threatened of being ridiculed. Additionally, many topics covered may arise questions that might challenge other people’s (or your own) beliefs. The following guidelines will ensure that the class provides a comfortable and respectful environment for all:


Be courteous to others by waiting your turn to speak


During lecture, do not interrupt by talking to others.


Cell phones must be turned off or on silent mode at all times, text messaging is not permitted during class time.


You must be awake during class or will be asked to leave.


There is no such a thing as a “dumb questions”


If you need to leave the class, please do so quietly, without disturbing other students.


Please arrive early to class.


Under Fullerton College policy, no children nor visitors are allowed in class.

Academic Honesty

As a college student, you are expected to follow these rules:

DO NOT COPY ANY WORK, plagiarism is highly penalized, please see catalog for policy pertaining to plagiarism.

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