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Dear VMI Uniformed Faculty and Staff,

As we start a new school year it is appropriate to take a few moments to reflect on what we are about. Our Institution is recognized throughout the nation for both our academic programs and our unique system of education infused by our military nature and lifestyle. It is about our military system and our role in it that I want to focus on with you now.

All are aware VMI recently changed uniforms, moving from the now out dated Army Green Uniform to the newly adopted Army Service Uniform. With the change in uniforms we have the opportunity to refocus on some of the Service and VMI military traditions which make our VMI military system work. Towards that end, I asked that this VMI Uniform Guide be updated and republished to again remind all of the importance of proper uniform wear as well as review some of the basic military protocol items, customs and courtesies.

As you review this small pamphlet please pay attention to the uniform wear guidelines to include uniform fit, positioning of brass and insignia, as well as what we normally refer to as “customs and courtesies” like greetings, saluting, and senior-subordinate actions such as who salutes first etc. We will offer some short periods of instruction this year for new faculty and some brown bag lunch sessions for all those wishing to learn more about our unique military system and history.

Our cadets take a great deal of pride in the military portion of our unique VMI educational system. They watch all of us to see how we support the program which is important to them. Our continuing attention to detail on small things like uniform wear and your participation daily in the military system of customs and courtesies will enhance all of our effectiveness when working with our Cadets both in and out of the classroom.

My sincere best wishes to all of you for a successful school year!


J.H. Binford Peay III Gen. U.S. Army (Ret.) Superintendent


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