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this case the cadet will have his/her hat on; he/she will call the section to attention, salute and will render a verbal report to the instructor. For example “Sir, the class is formed, there is one cadet absent”. When the cadet section marcher finishes rendering the report, the instructor should return the cadet’s salute and direct the section marcher to have the cadets to take seats. The section marcher will again approach the instructor at the end of the class period and present the written section report slip amended to include anyone reporting late to class.

Occasionally you may direct a cadet to report to you in your office for some reason, or the cadet may wish to come by and speak with you for some reason. It is customary for the cadet in this case to knock on your door, wait for you to invite him/her in, move to a point in front of your desk and report while rendering the hand salute, stating his/her name and purpose. The cadet will hold the salute until you return the salute. At which time the cadet will wait for your lead, you can give instructions (“Cadet Jones, please stand at ease”… or”please have a seat.” “Cadet Jones, I am happy you stopped by but I am involved in this hot project, could you give me some time to finish up and return in thirty minutes ?”).

WHen In UnIfoRM

  • *

    Do not eat, drink, or smoke while outside.

    • *

      Do not put hands in pockets in public except to place or retrieve an


  • *

    Always wear headgear when outside.

    • *

      When inside don’t hang your headgear from your uniform shoulder

flap, belt or pocket — carry it in your hand.

  • *

    Wear only authorized shoes and socks, with shoes polished to a high


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    Wear only authorized belts and belt buckles.

    • *

      Do not mix civilian clothing with the uniform. (Ex. Civilian sweater

over a uniform.)


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