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Standing at Attention

Standing with head up, eyes to the front, shoulders back, stom- ach in, hands with thumbs along the seams of trousers and feet with heels together, toes pointed out at a 45 degree angle. This is not a ridged position, but one that is naturally assumed, alert to all activities around, while prepared for instructions or ready to take action as ap- propriate. This position is maintained until ordered to change or the senior officer present gives leave by his/her actions to resume a relaxed posture.

Official Functions

Frequently an organization may need to gather for functions such as; promotions, retirements, etc. In this case the invited group will gather and socialize enjoying each other’s company until the official portion of the event begins. At the signal for the start of the official part of the event all should direct their attention to the speaker and take their lead from him/her. If the event is a promotion, award presentation, etc. a member of the staff will be asked to read the orders or certificate de- scribing the reason for the event often preceding the reading by stating “Attention to Orders.” When so directed all present uniformed mem- bers of the faculty/staff should come to the position of attention and direct their attention to the presentation being made. At the conclusion of the presentation and remarks all will be invited to return to enjoying the gathering.

VMI Parades

Military Parades are scripted events with a purpose. They follow the same traditional sequence of events as practiced by the Continental Army during our revolution. Our VMI cadets take pride in their appear- ance and drill proficiency while on Parade. They look forward to per- forming for a crowd on the Parade Ground at VMI and are disappointed when there is no one present. Members of the faculty and staff at VMI are just as much on parade as the Corps of Cadets during these events. Our Cadets look for faculty and staff members at Parades. Our presence indicates support and recognizes their efforts. They see us in uniform and believe we are evaluating the quality of their performance. When their parents and or dates are present the cadets appreciate our being


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