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Officer Spotlight Barb Crawford,

Steph Bridges, Treasurer

Secretary Hi everyone, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Barbara Crawford; I have been your District Secretary for this last term. I have been a proud member of ABATE for about 1 ½ years now. I have 3 children, and my 1st grandchild is due in August. I was born and raised right here in Iowa, a little country town called Ackley, about 65 miles northeast of Ames. I have been riding motorbikes all my life, it first started when I was about 7 years old; my dad had gotten my brother a RUPP mini bike, course we fought over it like cats and dogs, so about a year later I had my very own. Man was my mom upset with my dad about that, I had bumps and bruises, cuts and scraps all over me. Guess the worst crash or rode rash I had was in 4th grade, my brother and I were racing a neighbor girl on her Yamaha dirt bike down a gravel road, we hit a pot hole, I go flying off the back like Pete Rose into home base (head first), which is a big mistake, after Mom had finally cleaned most of all the dirt and gravel off me, my forehead, nose, checks, chin, arms, shoulders, belly, thighs, and calves were pretty much hamburger looking, of course school pictures were the next morning and I was the only kid who didn’t get pictures taken. Well then a few years later I tried to conquer our Indian 175, man-o-man, what a rush! I’ve also had a Yamaha 750, Suzuki 550, and now ride Troy’s Sporty, don’t know what will be next but I can almost guarantee it will be bigger and faster! When I’m not riding I enjoy doing my family history, spending time with friends, and family, and of course Troy. I am also a HOG member, and a member of the Ames American Legion Women’s Auxiliary.

I’ve been an ABATE member for about 3 years; I started as an associate member, but switched to a full member when I decided to run for Treasurer. I’ve lived in Ames since 1990, when I moved here to attend Iowa State. I got a BS and MS in Computer Engineering and never left. When I graduated, Gary and I and another couple started a company which still exists at the ISU Research Park. I am currently working at Iowa State, as the Economics Department web and database administrator, and half of the department computer support staff. I met Gary while I was a student at ISU, and we were married in December 1994. Gary has two children, Dean, a chiropractor in Ames, and Angela, who lives in Appleton Wisconsin. I have three children, Michelle, who is finishing up as a graduate student in Madison Wisconsin, Dan, who lives just south of the Iowa/Missouri border and works in Centerville, and David who is still at home. We (well, Gary actually, I can’t claim any responsibility for them) also have four grandchildren – Zachary and Cameron (Dean’s), and Cecelia and Quinn (Angela). We’re down to two cats now, and they are getting on in years, but they still hate each other and fight regularly. Gary got a new Heritage in May 2002, and we have been taking short(ish) summer trips on it since. We’ve spent lots of time wandering aimlessly in Wisconsin; there are lots of great rides there (not to mention the good Wisconsin beer, cheese and brats). This summer, we are looking forward to a longer trip to Montana.

Bob’s Two Bits

I want to thank all the people who helped out at the rodeo, remember it was the districts rodeo and could not have been pulled off without your help. (you know who was there) Great job guys and gals. Hope you will all help out again next year. I'll try to be more civil. Looks like we made some money. We will know after last few bills come in. We have some kinks to work out before the next one, but all reports are that most everyone that attended was happy and they will return. That's all except thanks again, you're the best a person could hope for. Grand Poopah has spoken.

District 25 Officers:


Bob Brim

Ass’t Coordinator:

Legislative Officer:

Event Coordinator: RC Adams Share The Road Officers: Wayne Wierson Rich Archer Inventory Officer: Joyce Bimbi Sergeant of Arms: Tim Aspengren Newsletter Editors: Rita Brim Carol Nelson

ABATE District 25 Two Bits/Bits May-July 2006

Steve Platter


Barb Crawford


Steph Bridges

Jerry Scott

Story Co. Rep:

Jim Adams


Mick Hunter

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