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Once again we have lost more riders to accidents, 15 so far this year. The majority of these accidents were the result of speed and/or alcohol. The media’s solution in its infinite wisdom is Helmets! The answer to all these crashes they believe is something on your head. Well they are partly correct, the answer is in the head, as long as the public calls the TV station asking why there is no law requiring helmets we have a chance, when those same callers start calling the Statehouse asking the same question, we will have a real fight on our hands with an outcome few of us will care for.

I really wish the couple that was killed on Saylorville Dam had been wearing helmets. I know what its like to loose someone you care for, I know the pain families and friends are feeling, but when you try to take a posted 25 mile an hour curve at what was estimated at 80 miles an hour the outcome is going to be the same, with or without a helmet.

If the couple had been wearing helmets people would have to take a look at the REAL cause of this accident, excessive speed. The rider made a critical error when he thought that the laws of Physics didn’t apply to him and his passenger. We are killing ourselves this year faster than the driving public! 2/3 of the vehicle/ motorcycle crashes are the fault of the vehicle, but the fault of the

singe vehicle motorcycle accident is 90% speed and or alcohol.

There is a very good chance that a change will take place in administration at the Statehouse. With it will come a renewed plea to save us from ourselves with a Helmet Law. We have one of the best lobbyists in the state, but he will be out gunned if we as riders do not take personal control and ride responsibly. That means riding within the speed limit and riding sober. The alternative is too terrible to imagine. If you really want a helmet law, keep it up!


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