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Dr. Francis Wardle

President, Colorado Partners

Dear Partners Members:

On behalf of the Colorado Partners, I am honored and delighted to invite all of you to attend the 2007 Partners of the Americas International Convention in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil, November 15th, 16th & 17th. Minas Gerais is partnered with the state of Colorado.

Ouro Preto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is not only a historical gem but also a jewel in the crown of Brazil’s rich and unique baroque history. It was the center of Brazil’s precious metals mining (gold and dia- monds) and at one time had a larger population than New York City. It is full of winding, cobble-stoned narrow streets, expansive plazas, beautiful and intricate churches, and picturesque houses and stores with orange-tiled roofs. One of the 13 fabulous churches was designed and built by Aleijadinho, the famous sculptor and archi- tect; another was built by an all-black brotherhood.

Ouro Preto and its surroundings provide many colorful historical and cultural excursions and experiences. These include,

  • Congonhas do Campo, home of two masterpieces by Aleijadinho

  • Estrada Real – the Royal Road - a road built by slaves to take gold and diamonds to the coast (and then on to Portugal), and bring needed goods to the mines and the interior

  • Tiradentes, the home of the dentist who lead an unsuccessful, but highly symbolic independence move- ment;

  • Pampulha, the forerunner of Brasilia. Here Juscelino Kubitchek, then Governor of Minas Gerais and later the President of Brazil, first brought together the architects and planners of Brasilia to try out their revolu- tionary ideas for urban design

Trips further afield include Diamantina (boyhood home of Kubitchek), Brasilia, and the famous Foz do Iquacu, along with more familiar attractions

But beyond the beautiful places are the beautiful people! If Brazil is anything, it is about warm, hospitable, gracias, and interesting people with a rich diversity of cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

We in Colorado Partners are honored and delighted to share this rich and beautiful part of Brazil with fellow Partners and know that you will enjoy and appreciate a place and its people that we have all come to treasure and love.

Francis Wardle, PhD. President, Colorado Partners

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