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Sam, Deborah McCune, Dan Miller, and others responded with information on their institutions, which could then be assembled and presented to decision makers in Washington. Once the information was sent on to Washington, Jan came back on the list (again at around midnight--probably just killing time until Dave's Top Ten) and called off the dogs. She said that the DSS community had been heard, and projected that we would hear within 48 hours what the fate of the legislation might be.

Suzette Dyer of Oklahoma joined the discussion on Wednesday, with the suggestion that the group maintain its momentum, and prepare to begin discussions with Commissioner Fred Schroeder of the VR system. On Thursday the 25th, Jane informed the group that the congressional staff working on the Reauthorization of the Vocation Rehabilitation Act had reached agreement on compromise language for the bill addressing the concerns raised by the higher education community over the previous 10 days. She also included a hotlink to the language of the bill itself, as well as her analysis of it. She also offered the political advice of sharing the news of the victory with fellow administrators on our own individual campuses. On Friday, Brian Rose shared the news that the story had been reported on the Chronicle's Academe Today.

And there it is. Within 11 days our profession could have changed dramatically but for the work of really one informed individual energizing 1,000 informed individuals. Had this legislation appeared in 1990, it may very well had made its way into law, and we would have been fighting it out in court. You can imagine the time it would take to organize a phone tree to reach 1,000 members, let alone implement it. On top of that, the time to call or write our legislators would have left us with a collective response that would have been too little, too late. Instead, with the use of a listserv to reach a broad audience with one message, e-mail to discuss how to proceed, websites to widely disseminate the proposed legislation, and more e-mail to contact our legislators, our collective heard. Now, if we could just get it so that our microwaves would stop blinking 12:00 ...

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