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New wheel loader expands Komatsu America fleet

Komatsu America expanded its line of wheel loaders with the recent addition of the WA430-6. The new WA430 offers in- creased breakout force, fuel efficiency, and operator comfort compared to the WA400-5 model that it replaces.

Komatsu’s own 231-hp (172-kW) SAA6D114E-3 turbo- charged and aftercooled diesel engine powers the new loader. The low-noise, high-torque engine has helped to significantly reduce fuel consumption, as have a closed-center load sensing system and a large-capacity torque converter with maximum efficiency in the low range. A heavy-duty electronic common- rail fuel-injection system provides fast throttle response while optimizing fuel combustion. The loader’s engine is U.S. EPA Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA, and Japan emissions certified.

Two operating modes are available to the operator: the E mode provides maximum fuel efficiency for general loading, and the P mode has a maximum power output for hard dig- ging operation and hill climbing. For load-and-carry or hill- climb operations, the torque converter with optional lock-up transmission provides increased production efficiency, reduced cycle times, and optimum fuel savings. An Eco Indicator in- forms the operator when the machine is maximizing fuel ef- ficiency.

An electronically controlled modulation valve allows the au- tomatic transmission to select the proper gear speed based on conditions such as travel and engine speed. With the touch of a finger, the kick-down switch automatically downshifts from second to first when beginning the digging cycle; in reverse, it automatically upshifts from first to second. This feature results in increased tractive effort for better bucket penetration and reduced cycle times. The kick-down switch also acts as a pow- er-up switch when the machine is already in first gear and economy mode. Conversely, the hold switch keeps the trans- mission fixed to either the third or fourth gear speed when auto shift is selected. The loader also includes a two-lever elec- tronic shift control for operator gear selection and directional changes.

When equipped with a 4.6-yd3 (3.52-m3) general-purpose bucket with bolt-on cutting edge, the loader has an operating mass between 40,840 and 41,226 lb (18,525 and 18,700 kg) and a dumping clearance of 9.92 ft. (3.02 m).

Operator comfort upgrades include a newly designed, spa- cious cab with wide pillar-less flat glass to enhance front visibil- ity, and a low-noise design that reduces noise at the operator’s ear level to 74 dB and dynamic outside noise levels to 112 dB(A). The new cab is mounted with Komatsu’s viscous mounts to help minimize noise and provide a low-vibration, clean oper- ating environment. Cab layout has been improved for easy le- ver access, and the air conditioner has been relocated to the front of the cab to increase seat reclining and backward slide adjustment.

Fingertip controls help to reduce operator fatigue and im- prove fine work equipment control and productivity. The work equipment lever console can be moved forward or backward, and the large armrest can be adjusted up or down to provide the operator with a variety of operating positions.

Designed for easy service and maintenance access, the new loader is also equipped with the exclusive Komatsu equipment management monitoring system. An easy-to-read monitor keeps the operator informed of all machine functions, includ- ing fluid and filter-change intervals and troubleshooting mem- ory display functions. An automatic reversible hydraulic radiator

fan allows the operator to quickly clean out the cooling system at preset intervals or with the flip of a switch. A Komtrax technology feature uses wireless tech- nology to send the machine’s operating infor- mation to a secure Web site for analysis. The Komtrax fleet-monitoring system increases ma- chine availability, reduces the risk of ma- chine theft, and allows for remote diag- nosis by the distributor. Komatsu manufactures the wheel loader’s engine, torque converter, transmission, hydraulic units, and electric parts. Machine parts are produced within an integrated pro- duction system to create a reliable machine with very low maintenance costs. Darlene Fritz

Komatsu’s new WA430-6 wheel loader boasts improved breakout force, better fuel efficienc , and enhanced operator comfort compared to the previous model.

24 SAE OHE March 2007

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