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and seven trenching bucket sizes are offered for general dig- ging purposes.

Additional features include hydraulic joystick controls, an extra-wide rear door opening, and an optional enclosed cab with heater. The exclusive Bobcat X-Change mounting system facilitates quick and easy switching between attachments.

Bobcat’s new 335 compact excavator steps above and be- yond its 4 to 5 t (4.4 to 5.5 ton) size class to provide the power and performance of a larger machine. This unit would serve as an ideal entry-level machine or upgrade for customers with excavators in the 3 to 4 t (3.3 to 4.4 ton) size class. Its compact size makes it possible for contractors to upgrade from a smaller excavator without needing to purchase a larger trailer or tow- ing vehicle.

Powered by a 2.2-L, 40-hp (30-kW) liquid-cooled diesel, the 335 compact excavator features a maximum digging depth of

    • 142.3

      in (3614 mm) and a maximum reach of 215.5 in (5472

      • mm)

        at ground level. Its conventional tail swing provides excel-

lent lifting ability, and its 5262-lb (23.4-kN) arm breakout force and 7892-lb (35.1-kN) bucket breakout force provide ultimate digging power. The unit’s two-speed travel system provides a 3.4-mph (5.5-km/h) high travel speed as well as a 2-mph (3.2- km/h) low travel speed.

Turf-friendly 12.6-in (320-mm) wide rubber tracks distribute the 335’s 9170-lb (4160-kg) operating mass over a larger area to lower the ground pressure to 4.8 psi (33.1 kPa) and mini- mize damage to landscapes, paving stones, and other estab- lished surfaces. Steel tracks are also available for harsher work- ing environments. With an overall width of 70 in (1780 mm), the 335 is able to access areas that larger excavators and trac- tor loader backhoes cannot.

The 335 features a load-sensing hydraulic system for opti- mum use of hydraulic power in digging applications. Because the operator does not have to compensate for changes in flow or load condition, lugging is minimized, making the excavator easier to control. In addition, the load-sensing system provides precision at all engine speeds, resulting in faster cycle times. The system also reduces fuel consumption.

The 335 also offers 19.8 gal/min (75 L/min) of auxiliary hy- draulic flow, which is controlled by a thumb switch located on the right joystick. With this fingertip auxiliary hydraulic control, the operator can precisely control the direction and the rate of flow, thus significantly enhancing operation of attachments such as the hydraulic clamp.

Standard equipment includes a dual-cylinder blade-float feature that is beneficial when backfilling material on hard or finished surfaces because the blade is able to follow the con- tour of the finished surface, removing only the previously exca- vated material. This feature is also useful when for back drag- ging material, and the dual-cylinder design provides a durable support for work in tough operating conditions.

The 335 also features a spacious cab with easy entry and exit and an optional factory-installed heating and air-condition- ing package. Quick and easy switching between attachments is facilitated by X-Change.

The instrumentation system on the 335 monitors vital ma- chine fluid temperatures and pressures. In the event a system sensor reads an abnormal condition, it will shut down the en- gine before catastrophic damage to the engine or the hydraulic system occurs. The monitoring system also provides the opera- tor with engine temperature, fuel level, engine speed, and ma- chine hours.

Bobcat representatives say the performance and economy

The 335 compact excavator delivers 5262 lb (23.4 kN) of arm breakout force and 7892 lb (35.1 kN) of bucket breakout force from its compact, 70-in (1780-mm) track width.

of operation of both new compact excavators—the 329 and the 335—will likely appeal to a wide range of customers from rental companies to contractors who perform excavation, trenching, demolition, and material handling and placement.

Darlene Fritz

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