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Accountability Report

Results-Based Evaluation System

Issued 2011–12

Harmony Elementary School

Anne Marie Keskonis, Principal

Nancy Martin, Area Superintendent

Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) has developed an accountability system for improving schools called the Results-Based Evaluation System (RBES). RBES fairly and systematically measures a school’s progress, providing a process that clearly communicates expectations; reviews, monitors, and supports school performance; and evaluates that perfor- mance.

  • e Harmony Elementary school council

and school leaders collaborated on the high- lights included in this accountability report, which also serves as the school’s annual report.

  • e report provides consolidated information

on the school’s eectiveness, based on multiple measures and student characteristics. Please review this report to learn more about the school’s improvement eorts and progress.

Key Results from 2010–11 Local School Plans for Improvement

Local School Plans for Improvement are plans developed locally by school administrators, teachers, and parent advisory groups. ese plans outline school goals.

Goal: Harmony Elementary will pursue academic excellence in student reading and writing, resulting in measured improvement against local and national standards.

Results: On the reading/English language arts portion of the Criterion-Referenced Compe- tency Tests (CRCT) for grades 3–5, the percentage of students who met or exceeded standards increased from 93% to 97%. Reviewing achievement data for the CRCT, for the school overall and for groups of students, helps us identify gaps in achievement. is focus helps the school provide needed support as we work to close identied gaps and help every student to achieve his or her learning potential. We are excited about the progress made, including achievement gains in the Exceeds Standards range for the subgroup of African American students, increasing from 26.6% to 35.9%.

Goal: Harmony Elementary will pursue excellence and increase mathematics performance, resulting in measured improvement against local and national standards.

Results: Harmony students continue to perform well in mathematics, even as the curriculum becomes more rigorous. In math, 90% of the students in grades 3–5 met or exceeded grade- level expectations, surpassing the school’s CRCT passing rate of 87% the previous year.


Key Results on Improvement Plans

2010–11 Results:

  • GCPS Promotion Requirements… Grade 4 Gateway Grade 5 Writing Gateway

  • State Promotion Requirements… Grade 3 CRCT Grade 5 CRCT

  • CRCT and Adequate Yearly Progress

2010–11 Highlights Staff Data Student Data

School Safety Perceptions

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