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Gwinnett schools measure student learning of the school systems’ curriculum— the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS)— in a number of ways to ensure students have learned the AKS and will be successful in the next grade. One measure is the states’ Criterion- Referenced Competency ests (CRCT), which compares student achievement to state standards in several subject areas for grades 3–8. Georgia students in grades 3 and 5 also take a state writing assessment. est results are used by teachers to identify individual student strengths and weaknesses and by the state to gauge the quality of education throughout Georgia.

2010–11 Results: Gwinnett County Public Schools Promotion Requirements (Grades 4 and 5) In Gwinnett, state tests taken in grades 4 and 5 are used as Gateway assessments and results are used to determine whether a student is prepared for the next grade level. Following are results for Harmony Elementary for these local promotion require- ments.

Grade 4 Gateway: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Reading CRCT Subtests

For 2010–11, a Gwinnett 4th grader was required to meet grade-level expectations on the CRCT in ve subject areas— language arts, reading, mathematics, science, and social studies— in order to earn promotion. Students’ test performance on the Grade 4 Gateway falls into three levels of mastery of the state’s curricu- lum: Exceeds, Meets, Does Not Meet. Science Social Studies Language Arts Reading Mathematics 2 0 4 0 100 100 6 0 8 100 100 Performance Levels Exceeds Meets Does Not Meet 0 1 0 39.7 42.0 42.9 80 80 0 1 80 80 45.2 48.1 50.0 50.6 51.4 56.7 61.3 Percentages shown may not add up to 100 due to rounding. Percentages 7% and below are not labeled. Reects spring administration. 0 0 % 60 60 8 0 60 60 % 6 0 40 40 % 4 40 40 50.7 51.8 53.6 38.2 49.1 39.8 45.4 33.5 46.8 31.5 0 % 2 20 20 0 % 20 20



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Grade 5 Gateway: Georgia Grade 5 Writing Assessment In addition to earning passing grades, GCPS 5th graders were required to make a passing score on the Georgia Grade 5 Writing Assessment, which is a Gateway test in Gwinnett. is chart reects how well Harmony Elementary’s students did on the test in 2010–11, with 93% of Harmony 5th graders passing the writing Gateway on the rst try. (Data reects achieve- ment of all students, including special education students and students with limited English who were not required to pass the Gateway for promotion.)

Performance Levels


Exceeds Meets Does Not Meet


Percentages shown may not add up to 100 due to rounding. Percentages 7% and below are not labeled. Reects spring administration.









8.0 Harmony ES GCPS

2010–11 Results: State Promotion Requirements (Grades 3 and 5) e state also has established promotion requirements for selected grade levels. e table at the right reects the percentage of Harmony Elementary students in grades 3 and 5 who met grade-level expectations on the state’s CRCT in order to earn promotion. % of Students Who Passed CRCT Subtests Required for Promotion* GCPS State Harmony 3rd Grade Reading CRCT 5th Grade Reading CRCT 5th Grade Math CRCT 99 94 95 94 94 93 91 91 87

*Reects spring administration

2010–11 Results: Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests and Adequate Yearly Progress Schools earn Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) status by meeting a series of performance goals that every school, system, and the state as a whole must achieve under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. In Georgia, AYP for elementary schools is determined using results from the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) in reading/English language arts and mathematics. ese tests measure the knowledge and skills of students by assessing how well students have learned the state’s curriculum. To make AY , elementary schools must meet state-set student achievement goals and attendance standards for all students, and for all subgroups that have 40 or more students or 10% of the students in grades 3–5, whichever is greater (with a 75-student cap). In addition, schools must test 95% of all students and of all subgroups with 40 or more students. Georgia reports achievement scores for every subgroup with 10 or more students. However, the state only considers results for subgroups that meet the state-set minimum number of students in determining a school’s AYP status.

See the table at the top of the next page for a detailed breakdown of Harmony CRCT achievement in each AYP subgroup.

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