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Michael H. Allen, M. D.

March 2005

Access Behavioral Care, Denver, CO.

Violence and the Public Health Role of the Emergency Psychiatrist (1999).  Allen MH.  Plenary Address to the Tenth International Congress of Emergency Psychiatry, Montreal.  

Management of Acute Psychosis (1999).  In Combalecer R (Moderator), Contemporary Issues in Psychiatry.  Huron Valley Center, Ypsilanti, MI.

Treatment of Agitation and Aggression; Euphoria, Dysphoria and Substance Use in Bipolar Disorder and Issues in Suicide and Bipolar Disorder (1999).  Allen MH.  In Allen MH (Program Chairman), Spectrum of Mania:  A Two Day Psychiatric Institute.  University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, CO.

Regulatory and Risk Management Issues in the Disposition of Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Emergencies (1999).  In  Beck DM (Course Director), EMTALA:  What You Need to Know.  Colorado Health and Hospital Association, Denver, CO.

Suicide Risk in Psychotherapeutic Practice (1999).  In  Weisberg M (Course Director), Depression in the New Century:  Modern Diagnosis, Modern Treatment.  25th Annual Psychiatry Conference, Given Institute of the University of Colorado, Aspen.

Suicide Risk in Psychotherapeutic Practice (1999).  Grand Rounds.  University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque.

Comorbidity of Substance Abuse and Bipolar Disorder and Treatment of Aggression (1999).  In  Suppes T and Rush A (Course Directors), Spectrum of Mania:  Bipolar Disorder and Beyond.  University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Santa Fe, NM.  

Evidence-Based Strategies for the Initial Nonspecific Management of the Agitated Psychotic Patient (1999).  In Allen MH (Program Chairman), Agitated Psychosis in the Emergency Department.  Symposium.  American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly, Las Vegas, NM.

Aging, Illness and Suicide (1999).  Geriatric Grand Rounds.  University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver.

Youth Violence:  Origins, Prevalence and Control Strategies (1999).  Swanson D, Marans S and Allen MH. New York State Office of Mental Health 12th Annual Research Conference, Albany, NY.

Advances in the Management of the Agitated Psychotic Patient (2000).  Grand Rounds.  University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City.

Advances in the Management of the Agitated Psychosis (2000)

Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan

Showa University Karasuyama Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Metropolitan Bokuto General Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan

Episodic and Fragmented Care and  Initial Pharmacologic Management of Episodic Agitation (2000).  Allen MH.  In Allen MH (Program Chair), Managing Patients with Acute Psychosis:  An Interactive Program.  Symposium.  American Psychiatric Association 153rd Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.


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