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Michael H. Allen, M. D.

March 2005

Comorbidity of Substance Use, Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia (2004).  In Freedman R, (Chair), An Impromptu Festschrift on Substance Dependence.  Grand Rounds, University of Colorado Department of Psychiatry, Denver.  

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Emergencies (2004).  In Giffin B and Erickson S R (Co-chairs), The Future of Emergency Care in the U. S. Health System.  The Institute of Medicine, National Academies of Science, Washington, DC.  http://www.iom.edu/file.asp?id=18538

West Slope Casa Psychiatry Symposium, Grand Junction, CO (2004).

Update on Suicide.

Management of Agitation.

Difficult Case Conference.  

Best of the 2004 American Psychiatric Association Meeting (2004).  Dubovsky S (Chair), Allen MH, Arciniegas D and Chessick C.  University of Colorado Department of Psychiatry, Denver.  

Reducing Restraint and Seclusion:  Security Through Care (2004).  In Richardson G-L (Coordinator), Twelfth Annual Forensic Mental Health Conference.  Patton State Hospital and Loma Linda University, Patton, CA

Epidemiology of Nonfatal Intentional Self-Harm in the US as Described in Three National Databases (2004).  Claassen C, Trivedi M, Larkin G, Allen MH and Camargo C.  American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.  

Atypicals in the Management of Agitation:  Increasing Choice or Increasing Risk (2005) In Allen MH, Program Chair, The Changing Role Atypical Antipsychotics (2005).  CME Course.  University of Colorado Health Science Center, Denver.

Considering Consumer Choice (2005).  In Buckley P, (Chair), Emerging Best Practices in the Management of Behavioral Emergencies.  Symposium.  American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta.

Agitation in Developmental Disability (2005).  Fowler C (Chair), Ad Hoc Committee on Restraints and Emergency Measures, Division for Developmental Disabilities, Colorado Department of Human Services.  Denver.  

First International Interdisciplinary Conference on Emergencies (2005), Montreal.

The Evolution of Emergency Services.  Plenary Address.

Reorganizing Psychiatric Emergency Services in Big Cities.  Hampel C, Kennedy B, Fishkind A, Labonte E, Furlan P, Andreoli A, Allen MH, Bruffaerts R, Kates N.  Symposium.

Controlling or Managing the Agitated Patient in Different Countries.  Damsa C, Allen MH, Iskandar H (Chair), Huf G.  Symposium.      

Clinical Trial Training Programs

PANSS Excited Component, Agitated Behavior Scale, Agitation Calmness Evaluation Scale and Clinical Global Impression (2003).  Bristol-Meyers Squibb CN 138-012 and 013.  “Gold standards”, live training and reliability measures.  Bioniche, Inc.  Prague, Czechoslovakia.


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