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Michael H. Allen, M. D.

March 2005

Coping With Grief.  Jan Tracey.  Channel 2 News, Denver, September 7, 2000.

Delirium Often Misdiagnosed in Hospitals, Especially ERs. Liz Lipton.  Psychiatric News

November 03, 2000.  http://www.psych.org/pnews/00-11-03/delirium.html

Images, Emotional Aftershocks Will Linger in the Nation’s Psyche.  William Porter.  Denver Post, September 12, 2001, page A23.

The Stages of Stress.  Jodi Ballinger, Producer.  Channel 2 News, Denver, September 13, 2001.

Take Care of Yourslf in the Wake of Trauma.  Ann Schrader.  Denver Post, September 20, 2001.   

Psychiatric Emergencies Call for Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment.  Lynne Lamberg.  JAMA, August 14, 2002; 288:686-687.  http://jama.ama-assn.org/issues/current/ffull/jmn0814-2.html

Sniper Attacks.  Ward Lucas.  Channel 9 News, Denver, October 22, 2002.

Rule Change on Emergency Care Could Reduce Specialty Coverage.  Mark Moran.  Psychiatric News, November 21, 2003.  

STEP-BD Data Characterize Bipolar Patients at High Risk of Suicide.  Andrew Wilner.  CNS News, p 58, November 2003.

Compassionate and Safe Emergency Care.  Glenna Major.  Highlights from the 156th Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.  Resident and Staff Physician 50:2, February 2004.  

As  Insurance Coverage Wanes, Psychiatric ERs Get busier.  Mark Moran.  Psychiatric News vol 39, no 21, pg 12, November 5, 2004.

Who Seeks Psychiatric Emergency Care.  Mark Moran.  Psychiatric News vol 39, no 21, pg 13 November 5, 2004.

Fatalities Associated With Olanzapine IM.  Emergency Psychiatry, Winter 2004, p 4.  

Zyprexa IM Caution Issued in Some Countries but Not US.  Mark Moran.  Psychiatric News vol 40, no 8, p 1, April 15, 2005.  http://pn.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/content/short/40/8/1

FDA Warns About Using Antipsychotic Drugs for Dementia.  Jeanne Lenzer.  BMJ  vol 330, pg 922, April 23, 2005.  http://bmj.bmjjournals.com/cgi/content/full/330/7497/922-c?ehom

Pleas Hit Home for Lawmakers:  State Officials' Personal Stories May Draw Attention to Bills, But Others Say They Provide Flimsy Rationales for Laws.  Jim Hughes.  Denver Post, April 25, 2005.

Institutional Review Board Approved Investigations

Clincal and Neuropsychological Functioning of Psychiatric Patients Comorbid for HIV.

The Therapeutic Milieu in a Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program.  Principal Investigator.

Police Influence on Decision Making in the Psychiatric Emergency Room.  Principal Investigator.

The Efficacy and Safety of Rapid-Loading Depakote in the Treatment of Acutely Manic


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