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Michael H. Allen, M. D.

March 2005

The Prospective Course of Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder (2005).  Schneck CD, Miklowitz DJ, Miyahara MS, Wisniewski S, Gyulai L, Allen MH, Thase ME and Sachs GS.  American Journal of Psychiatry (submitted).

Prospective Predictors of Suicide and Suicide Attempts in 2000 Patients with Bipolar Disorders Followed for 2 Years (2005).  Marangell LB, Bauer M, Dennehy EB, Wisniewski S, Allen MH, Miklowitz DJ, Oquendo M, Frank E, Perlis R, Martinez JM, Fagiolini A, Otto MW,  Chessick C, Zboyan HA, Miyahara S, Sachs G, Thase ME.  Bipolar Disorders (submitted).

Other Media

Nortriptyline and 10-Hydroxynortriptyline in Plasma Ultrafiltrate:  Comparisons with Age (1988).  Young R, Allen MH, Dhar A, Kutt H, Klerman GL.  Poster.  American College of Neuropsychopharmocology. San Juan, PR.

Police Emergency Room Interface Protocol (1992). Police training video.  Bureau of Forensic Services, New York State Office of Mental Health.  

Neurocognitive Functioning and Vocal Expressiveness in Cocaine Abusing Schizophrenic Patients Over the Course of an Acute Psychiatric Hospitalization (1993).   Poster.  Serper M, Ferguson M, Allen MH, Alpert M. Society for Research in Psychopathology. Chicago, IL.

Current Research in Emergency Psychiatric Treatment (1995).  In Hughes DH, Moderator, Current and Future Strategies in Psychiatric Emergency Services.  Videotape and slide set.  American Association for Emergency Psychiatry and the University of Cincinnati with MVP Communications, Princeton, NJ.

Comprehensive Assessment Form (1996).  Allen MH and Milstein V.  An 18 page suite of vertically integrated, multidisciplinary assessment, treatment planning and discharge forms for emergency and inpatient services at Bellevue.  Recommended by JCAHO surveyors.  Bellevue Hospital Center, New York, NY.  

Higher Cognitive Functioning in Acutely Suicidal Individuals (1996).  Wu T, Dacpano G, Allen JH, Schweitzer G and Serper MR.  Poster.  American Psychological Association Annual Meeting.  Toronto.

Reliability of Psychiatric Emergency Assessments (1996). Allen MH, Way BB, Mumpower J.  Poster.  Institute on Psychiatric Services, Chicago.

Relapse Prevention through Community Partnerships (1998).  Tucker W (Chair), Allen MH and Sledge W.  Interactive Statewide Grand Rounds.  Satellite Broadcast.  New York State Office of Mental Health, Albany, NY.

Patterns of Cocaine Utilization, Availability of Funds and Acute Care (1998).  Rosenberg R, Schwarz M and Allen MH.  Poster.  American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada.

Management of Acute Psychosis (1998).  Masand P, Allen MH, Love R and Conley RR.  CME Expert Speakers Training Program (35 mm slide kit, manual, self-assessment questions


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