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Theme II – Resources – Lesson 3

Is this person a migrant, immigrant, refugee, or a combination of these things?

What problems might this person have encountered that caused the move from his or her homeland (push factors)?

What are the factors that made this person want to resettle in Indiana (pull factors)?

What cultural contributions did this person make to Indiana?

7.Have each team present the story of the immigrant or immigrants they have researched. Presenters should feature the answers to the questions researched above. Presentations might be in any format: a play, a song, a news report, or a poster or other graphic design.


Debrief students after the presentations regarding the most important things they have learned from their research. Have any students in the class had the experience of moving to Indiana from another state or another country, or do they know someone who has? What have been the positive factors in making the move? What have been the difficulties? In general, do they think that Indiana has benefited from immigration and migration? Why or why not?


Have students construct a chart summarizing the results of the class research by listing push factors on one side of the page and pull factors on the other. (See Assessment Handout.)


I.Invite a person who has immigrated to Indiana from another country to visit the class and describe his or her experiences. Have students prepare questions for their guest in advance.

2.Show the videotape Who Do You Think You Are? from the Indiana Historical Society (see Resources) and ask students to list the countries of origin of the people featured in the video.

3.Arrange for students to interview recent immigrants to Indiana.

4.Have students present the results of their research to the rest of the class. Any number of presentation strategies might be used, such as role playing or a dramatization, a mural or other art project, original songs or poems, or use of charts, graphs, and maps.


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