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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

General Rules

Rule A Employees whose duties are prescribed by these rules must be provided with a copy and with any special instruction, which they must have available while on duty.

Rule B

Employees must be conversant with and obey the rules and instructions. If in doubt as to their meaning, they must apply to the proper authority for explanation. If immediate action is necessary, the safe course must always be taken.

Rules may be issued, cancelled, or modified by general order, timetable, or special instructions.

Rule C Employees must be familiar with and obey all rules and instructions, and must attend required classes. Employees must pass the required examination.

Rule D

Persons employed in any position on trains must devote themselves exclusively to the railroad service while on duty. They must obey the rules and special instructions and promptly report to the proper authority any violation.

Employees must refrain from any conduct which adversely affects the performance of their duties. They must refrain from activity that brings discredit to the railroad.

Any act of insubordination, hostility, or willful disregard of the railroad’s interest will not be condoned.

To avoid annoyance to the public, employees and others authorized to transact business at stations and on or about trains, must be courteous and orderly.

Rule E

Accidents, personal injuries, defects in track, bridges or signals, or any unusual condition which may affect the safe and efficient operation of the railroad, must be protected at the location and proper authority informed of the condition promptly using the first available means of communication.

Rule F

Accidents, failure in the supply of water or fuel, defects in track, bridges, signals, or any unusual condition that may affect the movement of trains must be promptly reported to the proper authority.


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