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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

Rule G

The use of alcoholic beverages, intoxicants, drugs, narcotics, marijuana, or controlled substances by employees subject to duty, when on duty is prohibited.

Employees must not report for duty or be on railroad equipment under the influence of or use while on duty or have in their possession any alcoholic beverage, intoxicant, narcotic, marijuana, medication, or other substance, including those prescribed by a doctor, that will adversely affect their alertness, coordination, reaction, response, or safety.

Rule H

Employees must report to duty on time and must be neat and clean in appearance. Their hair must be worn so that the eyes are not covered and no longer than will allow the safe conduct of their duties. Beards and/or mustaches may be worn provided they are consistent with safety.

Employees must be suitably clothed for the performance of their duties consistent with safety. Suitable footwear around shops, tracks, and moving equipment does not include sandals, high-heeled boots or shoes, “cowboy” type shoes, or tennis shoes.

The use of tobacco by employees on duty while engaged in serving patrons in or about stations or occupied passenger cars is prohibited. Smoking is prohibited on railroad equipment.

Rule K

Employees must expect the movement of trains, engines, cars, or other moveable equipment at any time, on any track, and in either direction.

Employees must know it is safe before fouling, walking between, or crossing tracks by looking in both directions. When crossing tracks in front of standing engines or cars they must provide at least five feet clearance and be prepared for unexpected movement of equipment. Do not step on rail, switches, or frogs.

Employees must not stand on the track in front of an approaching engine, car, or other moving equipment.

Employees must inform themselves as to the location of structures or obstructions where clearances are close. Employees must not attempt to get on or off equipment at a speed greater than restricted speed.

Employees reporting for duty are expected to be amply rested in order to be physically and mentally fit for the proper and safe performance of their duties.

Rule L

Fire or other danger to the railroad’s property must be reported promptly and employees must unite to protect it, taking every precaution to guard against injury and loss or damage from any cause.


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