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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

Rule M

Employees are responsible for their own safety. Constant presence of mind to ensure the safety to themselves and others is the primary duty of all employees and they must exercise care to avoid injury to themselves and others. They must observe the condition of equipment and tools that they use when performing their duties, and when found defective, will put them in safe condition, reporting all defects to the proper authority.

Rule N

Employees whose duties require service on another railroad are under the jurisdiction of the officers of the other railroad on which service is being performed.

When performing service on another railroad, unless otherwise instructed, employees will be governed by the safety rules and the airbrake and train handling rules of the railroad of which they are employed and by the operating rules and timetable of the railroad upon which they are operating.

Rule O

Minors must not be employed in engine service. They must not be employed in other service unless written release is first obtained from their parents or guardian. No person shall be employed in train service that cannot read and write the English language.

Rule P

Boisterous, profane or vulgar language is forbidden. Employees are required to be considerate and courteous to patrons and each other, and must not enter into altercations with any person.

Rule Q

In case of an accident, injury, or fire it is necessary to call 911. The caller must be clear to refer to the railroad as a “private miniature railroad” and/or “miniature train.”

Rule R

Any and all persons operating equipment on the railroad should have the necessary tools for the safe operation of engines, trains, and work equipment. These tools may include the following examples: radios, flags, fusees, switch locks, wheel chocks and/or chains, track bulletin forms, track warrant forms, timetable, water hose, and lantern.


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