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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

Signal out of order 3.6 When a signal is out of order, or it is improperly displayed, or working improperly, or light is out, a report must be made to the proper authority.

Violent Signals 3.7 Any object waved violently by any person on or near the track is a signal to stop.

Absent Signal 3.8 A signal improperly displayed, absence of signal where signal is usually shown, absence of light, or white light displayed where a colored light should be, must be regarded as the most restricted indication that can be given by that signal.

Avoid Extra Signals 3.9 When not involved in giving hand signals, employees must avoid making motions which might be construed as a hand signal.

Radio for Signals 3.10 The radio may be used instead of hand signals to convey information when the use of hand signals is not practicable. When the radio is being used to control the movement of a train or engine, it must be understood by crew members exactly which moves will be made under radio control during that time hand signals will not be given to the engineer nor acted upon with the exception of stop signals, when necessary to stop the movement.

Red Flag 3.11 A red flag will be displayed at locations where trains must stop as required by track bulletin or due to other conditions. Trains must stop short of the red flag and not proceed unless authorized by the foreman. If authority to proceed is received before the stop is made, the train may pass the red flag without stopping.

Flag Placement 3.12 Flags will not apply to the track on which a train is moving when displayed beyond the first rail of an adjacent track.

Ring the Bell 3.13 Except where the momentary stop and start is a continuous switching movement, the engine bell should be rung when the engine is about to be moved, while approaching and passing public crossings, before tunnels, and elsewhere when necessary as a warning signal.


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