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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

4.0 Movement of trains and engines

Repeat Instructions 4.1 An employee who verbally receives instructions or information about train or engine movements must repeat them.

Permission for Main Track 4.2 Before initiating movement on a main track, a crewmember must receive permission from the proper authority.

Reverse Movements 4.3 Reverse movements may be made on any main track, controlled siding, or on any track where a block system is in effect at restricted speed, and only within the limits a train has authority to occupy the track. A train must obtain permission from the train dispatcher or control operator before making a reverse movement, unless the movement is within the same signaled block.

Protect the Point 4.4 When cars or engines are shoved and conditions require, a crew member must provide protection for the movement. Cars or engines must not be shoved to block other tracks until it is safe to do so. When cars or engines are shoved on a main track or controlled siding in the direction authorized, movement must not exceed restricted speed.

Pickup Crew Member 4.5 A train may back up on any main track to pick up a crew member as long as the movement is in the same signaled block and the movement does not enter or foul any grade crossings.

Passing Clearance 4.6 A train that may be met or passed must stop at least fifty feet from the signal or clearance point of the facing point switch. The other train will pass over, if length of train permits.

Stop to throw the switch 4.7 A train required to take siding must stop clear of the switch, unless the switch is properly lined to leave the main track.

A train standing on the main track to meet an opposing train must, if possible, line the switch for the opposing train to leave the main track. However, within ABS, do not line the switch until the opposing train has entered the block in advance.

Excepted Track

    • 4.8

      On a track designated as “excepted track,” the following will govern:

      • -

        Maximum speed must not exceed 3 miles per hour. 31

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